Alaskan Bush People News: Where’s Matt Brown?

Alaskan Bush People’s Brown Family dynamic is very interesting and they pull in fans because of their isolationist lifestyle and little contact with the rest of the world. Alaskan Bush People has been on for 12 seasons now and many ABP fans have their favorite family member.

One of our favorite Alaskan Bush People cast members is Matt Brown, but he hasn’t been on the show in quite some time. Fans that are just now catching up are curious why he left the reality TV show.

Alaskan Bush People Cast: Did Brown Family Drama Drive Matt Away?

Matt Brown is the oldest son of Ami and Billy Brown and he has had so many inner demons that just tore him down. We saw some of these on the earlier seasons of Alaskan Bush People. In 2016, he decided to move to Juneau and that is where we saw his downfall.

Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown had problems with his friendships, family, and relationships. Things were not good at all for him. This is only part of the reason that he decided to stop appearing on the show.

When Matt Brown got to Juneau, he met a lot of people. They were all big drinkers and as much as Matt wasn’t, at the time, he went down a spiral of drinking that would forever change his life. He lost control of the drinking and he and Billy Brown started to have arguments and put a big wedge between the two. Billy told Matt that he would get his contract on the show cancelled if he couldn’t get help for his drinking problem.

Alaskan Bush People News: Is Matt Brown Still Sober?

This was a big reality check for Alaskan Bush People’s Matt and he ended up getting help at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs. In January of 2019, he took the steps to get himself clean and sober. A family friend told fans, “He was on a bender and took action to save his life. His family is supportive. They are so happy he is safe and focused on his recovery again.”


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Matt and Billy still seem to be at odds with one another, even though he is trying to better himself. There are many different sources that say Alaskan Bush People’s Billy is happy for him and they are talking, but another source says that they are still at each other’s throats.

Matt looks extremely happy now that he is in California and posts regularly on Instagram. You can follow him to keep up with what is new in his life these days.

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