Sister Wives News: Meri Brown’s Catfish Is Living His/Her Best Life, Where’s “Samuel Cooper” Now?

Sister Wives cast member Meri Brown’s catfish scandal will go down in tabloid history, Kody Brown’s first wife will never be able to live the mind-boggling cheating saga down.  Where’s Samuel Jacob Cooper, aka Jackie Overton, aka Lindsey now?  Living their best life in Hawaii, hitting the waves, homeschooling imaginary children, and of course meditating.

Meri Brown’s catfishing debacle is a tad bit confusing, mostly because the Sister Wives cast member was not completely honest about what happened, and also because her catfish was on a whole other level.  Like, Nev Schulman would have needed at least four episodes to sort this mess out level.

Sister Wives’ News: Meri Brown’s Catfish Scandal

Here’s a quick, watered down version, without going completely down the Meri Brown catfishing rabbit hole.  Meri Brown got legally divorced by Kody Brown and was sad, so she started flirting with Samuel Jacob Cooper on Twitter.

The account was clearly fake and too good too be true, but Meri was clearly social media challenged or had lost her mind.

The Sister Wives cast member began calling “Samuel,” sending him “sexy selfies” (the Mormon version), somehow fell head over heels in love without ever seeing him in person.  Then, things got weird, eventually Meri met Samuel’s assistant Lindsey (who was really Samuel/Jackie ).

Finally, Meri started to come to her senses after a few months of hot and heavy conversations and emotional Twitter meltdowns and tried to distance herself from clearly fake Samuel.  The mentally unstable catfish leaked all of their conversations, tabloids and Twitter detectives exposed said catfish as a crazy woman named Jackie Overton.

Sister Wives: Who Was Meri Brown’s Catfish?

But, to this day Jackie swears she is innocent and Samuel is real.  She even wrote an entire e-book on Amazon, published it as “Samuel” and told his/her side of the story.  Here’s the hilarious part, FIVE years later, and Jackie Overton is STILL pretending to be Samuel.  In fact, the Sister Wives catfish has an entire blog that they post on.

Apparently, Samuel is living in Hawaii now with his four imaginary adopted kids, a proud 47 year old single dad with a passion for surfing.  He even is homeschooling them during the pandemic, writing bizarre book reviews, watching Twilight movies in his spare time, and strongly urges his “fans” to vote for Biden.

Sister Wives News: Will Meri Brown Ever Come Clean About Jackie Overton?

In Meri Brown’s defense, Samuel/Jackie clearly has some sort of personality disorder, to be this invested in this charade this long is frankly concerning.  But, it’s also really hard to sympathize for the Sister Wives cast member when she still to this day is not just honest about the whole ordeal.

Can you believe Meri Brown’s catfish is still out here pretending to be someone else?  Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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