Love After Lockup News: Is Lacey Whitlow Pretending She’s Pregnant?

Some Love After Lockup cast members come and go, but Lacey Whitlow is determined to make a career out of it.  Without Life After Lockup appearances, how would she sell her candles and cameos?

Lacey Whitlow made her Love After Lockup debut two years ago, and since then has appeared on Life After Lockup spinoffs with husband Shane Whitlow, and boyfriend John Slater.  The sneaking out to see John Slater storyline will only work so many times, so it appears Lacey and Shane Whitlow are going for a pregnancy plot twist.

Love After Lockup Cast News: Is Lacey Whitlow Pregnant?

The last time we saw Lacey Whitlow and her husband Shane on Life After Lockup, the couple went to a fertility clinic to discuss their options and see about adding a baby to their family.  Despite the fact that Shane didn’t know what an embryo was, Lacey decided they should procreate.

Is Lacey Whitlow pregnant?  In recent months, Lacey Whitlow has been trying really hard to imply that she is pregnant.  Lacey keeps hinting the couple has a big announcement, yet it still hasn’t happened, unless she was referring to the half a dozen wax warmers she revealed this month.

 Also, the Love After Lockup cast member, who couldn’t stop showing her body off on social media, has been cropping her stomach out of photos for months and only posting selfies or flashbacks form over a year ago.

Life After Lockup Returns September 2020 – Lacey’s Big Reveal?

Lacey & Shane Whitlow are set to appear on Life After Lockup Quarantine Edition in September, and Lacey has been teasing her appearance for weeks now.

If she doesn’t have a baby bump in those episodes, then she has officially been faking being pregnant.  Secretly, we are hoping she is pregnant, because watching Shane Whitlow try to keep another human being alive will certainly prove to be entertaining.

Do you think Lacey Whitlow is pregnant, or just implying she is to keep herself relevant?  Let us know in the comments below.  Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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