This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Shame and Blame For Two Characters – Kate’s Dark Secret Revealed

This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that Kate Pearson Damon (Chrissy Metz) has a secret. It will be revealed when new episodes air, but it will be something that makes her feel shame. Meanwhile, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) blames someone surprising for Kate’s issues, including the teen getting involved with a dangerous, abusive boyfriend.

This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Kate Pearson Has ‘Shameful’ Secret

It is teased that in season 5, we will continue to learn about Kate’s trauma that has led to her lifelong issues. The actress indicated to Gold Derby that there is something that nobody knows. This secret brings Kate a lot of shame and affects her self-worth. We have an idea of what this could be. Despite being innocent victims, many of them feel shame when they did nothing wrong.

Complicated Mother/Daughter Relationship On NBC This Is Us

This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that Rebecca and Kate always had a complicated relationship. They loved each other, but Kate has always been frustrated by her mother. When Rebecca was trying to help, Kate viewed it as judging. On the other side of the coin, Kate perceived her mother as perfect, but Rebecca most likely felt far from it.

This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Rebecca Pearson Blames

Kate isn’t the only one in the family with issues. While Kate feels shame, Rebecca assigns blame. When thinking about her daughter’s lifelong issues and all the trauma, Rebecca points the finger at a surprising person. The actress told TV Insider that Rebecca blames herself.

“I think Rebecca really carried around a lot of guilt and shame that, had Jack still been alive, there’s no way Kate would have found herself in a relationship like [the one she had with] Marc. And being preoccupied with trying to get herself back on her own two feet, and finding them a new home, and starting a new job, she feels like she’s really spread thin, and there’s just so much disequilibrium in her life at this point.”

We already know that Kate will be dealing with her shameful secret and self-esteem in season 5. It is quite possible that Rebecca will also be dealing with her issues. Can both women confront their traumas and extend forgiveness so that they can find healing? We will have to wait for the new season to air in order to find out.

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