Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: How COVID-19 Changes BB22, Cast and Crew Safety Solutions

CBS Big Brother season 22 spoilers say BB22 is supposed to still happen. However, there was speculation that the new Summer 2020 season would be canceled due to COVID-19. However, a new Big Brother spoilers report reveals that the show still can go on, but there will be some changes in order to protect the cast and crew. Keep reading to find out what adjustments and changes are being made on the series.

BB22 Spoilers: Quarantine Solution – The Bubble Effect

One of the biggest struggles with the long-running competition reality show was how to handle quarantine for the cast and crew. It was stated that it was thought that the crew would need to stay in isolation for 90 Days along with the cast.

TMZ reported that a solution to that problem has been figured out. To keep everyone safe, they plan on using the bubble method, in which they stay in RV’s that are parked next to the set. This is a similar solution the NBA has created.

Big Brother Season 22 Crew Schedule

As for the schedule, they will be on for one month and off for two weeks. After that, they would have to enter quarantine for two weeks before they could return to the set. Even though the crew is rarely seen in the house, they are always around.

They are responsible for everything that makes Big Brother possible from delivering food, setting up the Big Brother competitions, getting the participants anything they need, bringing in supplies, doing repair and maintenance, as well as redesigning the house. Without members of the crew, there would be no house and no show.

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: What About Julie Chen?

The Big Brother host could stay in an RV next to the set, but that has not been confirmed yet. It would make the most sense for her hosting and exit interviews to be done remotely through video conferencing, such as Zoom.

BB22 Cast Spoilers: Why All-Stars Instead Of New Players For Summer 2020?

In a previous report, TMZ revealed that the reality show was smack in the middle of casting for BB22 when the pandemic shut everything down in May. It was decided that the best and easiest solution was to bring back former Big Brother houseguests to create an All-Stars edition.

One reason is that Big Brother casting can take quite a bit to find the right faces and personalities. There are length interviews, checking into each person, legal agreements to go over and sign, photos to be taken, and the list goes on. By bringing back past Big Brother players, all that needs to be done is place a few phone calls, get an agreement, and bring them into the house.

Plus, the previous contestants already know the show and how things work. They have also already been vetted by network executives. What do you think of the creative solutions that the CBS series has come up with this year?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with BB22 right now. Come back here often for the Big Brother 22 news, and updates.

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