Love After Lockup Season 3: Quaylon and Shavel – Is It True Love

Love After Lockup season 3 cast members Quaylon and Shavel are one couple that truly deserves to live their happily ever after. They are practically guaranteed to be fan favorites and we are cheering them on! Here are all the reasons why we want these two to succeed, both in life and love. Watch a sneak peek of their story and learn why we’re in love with this couple.

Love After Lockup Quaylon: Life Lessons and Revelations

In a video posted on YouTube, Quaylon discussed his past mistakes. He acknowledges what he did, takes responsibility, doesn’t blame anyone else, and is accepting the consequences. That is rare for anyone, let alone a prison inmate.

He has regrets and knows he missed out on so many years of his life because of one bad decision. He learned life lessons at an early age (he was 17 when he committed armed robbery). He doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing anything to jeopardize his second chance at life and love. But then again, things can be very different once a prisoner is on the outside.

Love After Lockup Summer 2020: A Genuine Romance

We know that actions speak louder than words. But we believe Quaylon is sincere based on his eyes, facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. He knows he is responsible for his prison sentence. He knows what he would like to do with his second chance. He knows what he wants his future to look like. And he most likely has every intention of making his new life the best one possible.

Shavel Excited To Begin New Journey – Love After Lockup Season 3 Spoilers

As for Shavel, she can hardly contain her excitement over beginning a new journey. She has been with Quaylon for 2 ½ years. Unlike the other cast members, she doesn’t just talk about the physical aspects of love. She appears to care for him in every way possible — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She was able to reach a man’s “caged heart.”

Why You’ll Fall In Love With This New Love After Lockup Couple

With Quaylon and Shavel, we truly believe that these two are the real deal. That doesn’t mean they won’t have challenges. No relationship is perfect and it’s clear Shavel’s family is not supportive of the relationship. But a deep love and connection can help people overcome practically anything.

If you don’t believe in true love or soulmates, you just might after watching Quaylon and Shavel. Let’s hope they get their happily ever after because they really seem like a root-worthy couple!

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