Meghan Markle Plans To Use Archewell To Further Her Acting Career

Can you see the name Meghan Markle spelled out in bright lights? Apparently Meghan can. According to Richard Eden of the Daily Mail, her showbiz blood is about to get a second chance at stardom.

Eden reports that a source close to Meghan and Harry, has spilled that Meghan has big plans to make an epic Hollywood splash. In some ways she already has, just not in the way intended perhaps?

Has Meghan already planned how she can be a big deal in Hollywood?

For now it appears that Meghan cannot afford a house of her own, as typified by her living in a borrowed Canadian mansion before living in a borrowed Los Angeles mansion owned by Tyler Perry, but while couch surfing she has apparently been hatching plans to be a big deal in Hollywood.

According to Eden, this week the Markle’s applied to trademark the name of their planned foundation, Archewell, for “television shows” and “motion picture films.”

Eden’s source explained, “Archewell is going to be huge. Harry and Meghan will use it to support lots of causes that they feel passionately about. It will be a global organization with international ambitions.”

Harry and Meghan have big plans for Archewell but will they stick to it and see the project through?

The word ambition is key here. That’s because Heghan have yet to actually get Archwell off the ground and were recently told by the patent office that their initial application was, shall we say, deficient?

Archewell came about after the pair were told that a similar organization dreamed up by them, Sussex Royal, was a no-go due to Megxit. In a very public reality check, the royal family had to spell it out to Heghan that if they left the UK and his royal family behind then they are not royal. It seems obvious, I know.

Still, they had to be told not to use the word “royal” when referring to themselves. In other news, the sun rises each morning.

Hopefully they got the paperwork right this time

As to their new venture, hopefully someone supervised their application effort because when they first applied to trademark the name Archewell they forgot to sign the paperwork. Oops.

Not only that, officials rejected whatever idea it was that they submitted as “too vague” and told them to try again.

In the end all the hullabaloo about Archewell may just be smoke and mirrors. Or maybe in the paraphrased words of William Faulkner, Archewell is all about the sound and the fury, in the end signifying nothing.

That’s because Harry and Meghan have announced that, despite all the paperwork flying back and forth, Archewell will not launch this year as planned. Maybe next year? They didn’t specify.

That’s not entirely accurate actually. They did say that Archwell would launch, “when the time is right,” and announced their intention to focus their efforts on fighting coronavirus and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

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