When Does Love After Lockup Return: Summer 2020 Premiere Date and Preview Clip

Last March, WE TV teased that a new season of Love After Lockup would premiere sometime in summer 2020. After lots of waiting, fans will be happy to know that a premiere date has been set! Plus, there is a preview clip that shows what we can expect. Keep reading to find out when new episodes will air and get some information on what is coming up.

No Official Love After Lockup Preview? Rough Copy On Instagram

With television shows, especially reality TV, fans love to see sneak peeks, promos, and preview clips. For some reason, WE TV hasn’t released an official trailer for the upcoming season. At least, not yet. However, one of the new cast members did post an extremely rough copy on Instagram.

WE TV: Love After Lockup Season 3 Cast

According to Starcasm, the cast for the upcoming season includes Jess, John, Scott, and Shavel. Only one prisoner’s name has been released, and that is Quaylon, who is in a relationship with Shavel.

A description of the season 3 premiere reveals that Scott has decided to move 1,000 miles in order to be with his love. John is putting together a pickup truck wedding and Shawn is willing to bet his retirement money that his romance is the real deal. Plus, Jess is having some conflict with family members due to her marrying a gang member. As for Shavel, loved ones are concerned about Quaylon.

Love After Lockup Summer 2020 Premiere Date

As for when the new season of the reality show will air, new cast member Jess shared it will begin airing on July 17.

Now, the network is calling this season 3, which is a bit confusing to fans. A lot of people think that we are waiting for season 4, and that reasoning does make sense. However, WE TV put a long string of episodes into one season even though there was a cast turnover. In order to separate them, the network labels the episodes as part of season 2B or 2C instead of season 3.

Now, when it comes to television shows, season 2B usually refers to the second half of a season, as in the episodes that air following a midseason break. I have never heard of a series dividing up on season into three parts, and a new cast typically would mean a new season. But we’re not trying to get technical or nitpick, though. We’re just glad to have an update on when Love After Lockup will air new episodes!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with reality TV right now. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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