Love After Lockup: How Much Does The Cast Get Paid?

You may have wondered what the cast of WE tv’s reality series Love After Lockup get paid for being followed around by cameras that intrude on intimates and awkward moments, 24/7. Does it pay well to air your dirty laundry? Is it lucrative to be on a reality show?

Recent documents reveal some of the figures that the participants get paid and you’ll have to judge for yourself whether or not having your life aired to the world is a good way to make a living.

What do the cast of Love After Lockup get paid to bare their souls?

Love After Lockup was an instant and surprising hit that no one could have foreseen. The popularity of the series rose like crazy throughout its debut season, with some estimating that it was 2018’s fastest-growing new cable series.

Season two was just as hot ratings wise, with an estimated over one million viewers per episode. This was an increase from the just over half a million estimated viewers who watched the first season.

Love After Lockup was so successful that it spawned spinoff Life After Lockup

Following the meteoric success of Love After Lockup show execs chose to debut a spin-off series, Life After Lockup.

WE tv president Marc Juris told TheWrap, “viewers can’t get enough of Love After Lockup,” in what has got to be the understatement of the year.

How much does being a reality television star pay?

Given that the show is a huge success, do the stars get paid a salary that reflects the show’s gigantic television presence?

The cast members are not actors, but they are paid for what they do. Starcasm has apparently seen a contract of one of the cast members and reported the details of that person’s salary.

Love After Lockup stars are paid a flat fee plus extra for special appearances

According to the media outlet, the stars of Love After Lockup are reportedly paid $2,000 per episode. Before you go calculating how much per minute that amounts to per episode, there’s something else to consider.

The show may be a certain length, but in order to get the footage that actually airs, there are tons more hours of film shot. Meaning, the stars are working for that $2,000 much, much longer than just the minutes you see of them on television.

Still, each cast member reportedly earns an extra $250 if they appear on a special reunion or follow-up Love after Lockup episodes.

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