Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Will There Be A Season 3?

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal if there is a Season 3 of the popular TLC polygamy series, it’s one of the network’s best kept secrets.

A casting call for Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 went out over a year ago, and still TLC has not announced the reality show’s return.  On the bright side, TLC also has not came right out and stated that Seeking Sister Wife was cancelled either.

Is TLC Seeking Sister Wife Canceled?

Season 1 and Season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife aired on TLC right after flagship polygamy show Sister Wives, starring Kody Brown and family.  Viewers expected Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 to pick up after the Sister Wives 2020 finale, but the finale came and went, and Seeking Sister Wife never returned.

Seeking Sister Wife cast members have either signed non-disclosure agreements with TLC, or know even less about the show returning than we do.  In early 2020 Ashley Snowden revealed she had not heard anything about the show’s return date, but when she did she would pass it on.

It’s important to point out that Ashley Snowden never said she didn’t do any filming for Season 3, she just stated that she didn’t know when the show would air on TLC.  It’s very possible that Seeking Sister Wife season 3 has already been filmed, and is sitting on someone’s desk waiting to get edited and got abandoned because of mandatory shutdowns and COVID quarantines.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Coming Soon?

TLC shocked viewers by announcing the return of Sweet Home Sextuplets and Outdaughtered this month, and fans didn’t even know returns were in the works until the promos were released.  So, it’s very possible the reality TV network could shock us all and drop a Seeking Sister Wife 2020 trailer and premiere date out of nowhere.

What do you think?  Will there be a Seeking Sister Wife Season 3?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and check back with TSV for more Seeking Sister Wife and Sister Wives spoilers and news.

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