LHHATL Spoilers: Fans Harass Shooter Gates Over Messing With Cheyenne And Kiyomi

There’s no one more problematic than Shooter Gains on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Sierra Gates’ ex-husband, Shooter, found himself in trouble in past seasons of LHHATL for fooling around outside of his relationship.

This season, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta spoilers tease he’s back at it and viewers are not here for it. Cheyenne is his friend Scrapp’s sister, and the pair have been in a situation-ship for two years.

LHHATL Spoilers: Shooter Cheating On Cheyenne

Only Cheyenne believes the two of them are serious. She believed she was in a relationship with Shooter and that they have a future together. Cheyenne has even met his children. She met them a while back and she wasn’t introduced to them as Shooter’s girlfriend or anything like that, but she does have expectations.

Cheyenne thought that they were going to tell Sierra about their relationship one day. She expects an exclusive and committed relationship. Unfortunately for her, Cheyenne is bound to be disappointed. She wasn’t in a serious relationship with Shooter.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta spoilers tease Shooter doesn’t feel like he owes her anything and he never once said his feelings came into it meaning what they have is a situation-ship and not a relationship. A relationship would imply it was built on mutual trust and respect. A situation-ship would mean Shooter and Cheyenne were smashing whenever it was convenient for him and sadly that’s what’s was happening her.

LHHATL Spoilers: Shooter Gates Sneaking Around With Kiyomi And Cheyenne

It also wasn’t the only situation-ship he was in. Shooter was seeing a second woman as well. He was “seeing” Kiyomi. He dubbed Kiyomi as his favorite and she too was asking about the day they’ll tell Sierra about their “relationship”. Shooter was being really messy right now with these women. He was stringing them the both along and it wasn’t fair to either of them.

Cheyenne deserved better. She should realize by now that what she has with Shooter isn’t something with a future and after two years she should know that he was using her. And as for Kyomi, she at least knows she’s in an open-relationship and she probably won’t be as hurt say Cheyenne will be if they ever found out about each other.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta women really need to start learning their own self-worth in all of this.

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