TLC Little People, Big World Amy Roloff Reveals True Feelings Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

People are having some downtime recently as several states have set in place a stay at home order. The self-quarantine does not only involve regular individuals but soap stars and celebrities as well including Amy Roloff of “Little People, Big World.”

TLC Little People, Big World Amy Roloff, and Chris Are Doing Fine

Although Amy is stuck at home amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, she’s not alone. She’s got Chris Marek to keep him company. Even with the new love of her life by her side, Amy has a lot of things going on in her mind.

The star updated her fans that she and Chris are thankful that they have each other and that they’re doing well amid the pandemic. But she also admitted that thoughts of her kids and grandkids are keeping her preoccupied these days. She misses them terribly. But she also wanted to say thank you to all those who are on the frontlines helping people, including her and her family safe and healthy during these trying times.

Amy Roloff Wishes People To Find Relief During This Trying Time

The “Little People, Big World” matriarch also wished that all those who feel afraid, anxious, and uncertain find rest and breathe even though it’s hard. It is true that so many are fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with their family and are currently in good health. However, many people find the quarantine a bit tough. A lot feel scared and bored, or in some cases frightened and desperate in trying to find things they could do at home with their family.

Little People, Big World Amy Roloff Offers Support To All Frontliners

Then, Amy extended her support to those on the frontlines of the global health crisis.

“We are in this together and know others are loving and rooting for you…,” she said.

“Those that need to go in each day and face the coronavirus head-on so others can live, those facing the devastating loss of a loved one or a job/income, a planned event canceled, local and small businesses hoping they’ll still be here when this is ‘over’” she continued.

“ and keep praying and helping when and where you can in a time like this… keep staying in.

“Then as I turn back and look at Chris and we sip from a glass of wine, I’m back to right where I am. Thankful. Thankful for him, my family, grandkids and still keeping the faith,” Amy said.

“Still believing and knowing the Lord is here with us and has not left us. Grateful for ALL the helpers and their willingness to keep life alive and going and their families. Thankful. Thank You,” she added.

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