LHHATL Spoilers: Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J Reach Agreement Over Bonnie Bella

Joseline Hernandez is putting her daughter first. Bonnie Bella is three years old and the child doesn’t understand what’s going on. She doesn’t know that her parents were horrible together or that her father is a serial cheater.

It’s even possible Bonnie doesn’t know about the custody battle. Hernandez and her ex Stevie J have been fighting over custody for a while now and Hernandez nearly had a breakdown when she lost primary custody to her ex. He was awarded custody back when she was filming “Marriage Bootcamp” and cameras on the hit reality show caught the moment Hernandez found out.

Hernandez was seen weeping. She had needed to talk to the resident therapist at the house and it had taken her some to calm down. But Hernandez is now saying that’s all over with. She and her ex are in a better place and they’ve both decided to put Bonnie Bella first. Hernandez told The Zeus Network that she’s co-parenting with Stevie and that the two of them were finally on good terms. Hernandez also added that her daughter is with her ex during this pandemic. Bonnie Bella got caught up in a stay-at-home order with her father and so Hernandez gave an update on her daughter’s situation.

Hernandez said “Bonnie Bella’s in California living her best life,” Hernandez told the subscription-on-demand network. “She got caught during the quarantine. … Which is cool because she’s in a beautiful big house, she’s having a good time, she’s got the pool, she’s got the jacuzzi. She’s doing amazing.” Hernandez does get to speak to her daughter every day if not several times a day and so Bonnie Bella is good. She’s getting the chance to know her father’s side of the family and her mother remains one phone call away.

Bonnie Bella is getting the best of both worlds now that her parents are co-parenting and so hopefully this continues.

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