TLC Little People, Big World Spoilers: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Face Backlash Over ‘Privileged Opinions’ About Coronavirus

On “Little People, Big World,” Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s comments on the recent episode of “Behind the Scenes” podcast didn’t sit well with many of their fans. The couple talked about the coronavirus pandemic, how they’re dealing with it, and even offered tips on how others can make it through the self-quarantine. However, some of their followers resented their “super privileged opinions” when they lamented about being “cooped up” inside.

Audrey Introduces The New Episode

“New episode dropped today and we’re sharing our thoughts on this global pandemic, how we are handeling quarantine with two kids, and things we are grateful for in this season,” Audrey said on Instagram.

“We talk about the helpfulness of writing down your questions in the face of so much uncertainty, practical ideas for being intentional at home with a toddler, and the importance of giving people extra grace right now,” she continued.

Things were going well at this point. Jeremy explained that they’ll be talking about their kids during the quarantine period, parenting, and how they’re dealing with their hyper little girl, Ember. They also explained that they’ll be talking about the complexity of their cultural moment, how they’re dealing with the situation, and their thoughts on the weeks ahead.

Fans Irked At “Cooped Up” Remarks

But not all fans liked the episode. There were some who took a swipe at them for their remarks.

One listener said, “All due respect, Ember is hardly cooped up. Your stories show her out at the farm every day, riding on your golf carts. My daughter is literally cooped up. We are not aloud out at all here.”

“Cooped up? Are you not constantly at the farm with ember,” another commenter added.

“I understand you don’t understand what the majority of us are dealing with. You are wealthy. You have the farm to go to,” another one chimed in.

“I am low-income. Yet needed. I put my family at risk every day to bring people food and supplies. My husband just was laid off, and our kids are home, so if he somehow gets another job, I have to quit mine. How are you qualified to tell me not to complain? Or be angry? Or frustrated?” the fan continued.

“You live in a bubble the majority of us have no access to, and we have worked hard,” the commenter added.

Fans Feel Like Jeremey And Audrey Roloff Think They Are Better Than Others

“We just did not have a TV show that shot us into the public eye. You don’t use it anymore, but you did not get famous on your own talents. While every other podcast is trying to make light comedy and help us through this, you are sitting there in your warm home, telling us how to live. Come do my job,” the commenter said in a challenging tone.

“Come get potentially exposed to COVID-19 multiple times a day. Come help the homeless find safety. Come help the poor get food into their homes. Until then, you are not acting like Christ, but those who judged him,” explained the commenter.

But not all fans reacted negatively. Some reacted with applause while others even shared their ideas. Jeremy and Audrey most likely didn’t want to sound privilege nor did they mean to offend anybody. But hopefully, this incident taught them how to be mindful of their remarks in the future.

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