Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara La Negra & PreMadonna’s Explosive Fight Explained

Amara La Negra had believed she and PreMadonna were friends. She even believed that PreMadonna was acting in her best interest when she introduced her to Annie and her only problem had been with the way PreMadonna handled it.

PreMadonna as her friend should have warned her that Annie was coming to lunch with them. She should have called Amara beforehand and she should have asked if she could bring Annie. PreMadonna didn’t do this and  that’s the part that bothered Amara.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: PreMadonna and Amara La Negra Feud

Annie wasn’t just anyone. She was Emjay’s ex-girlfriend and at the time Amara was Emjay’s current girlfriend. Amara had been surprised that PreMadonna would bring Annie around. It had felt like she was being ganged up on. She had also been thrown by what Annie said because Annie basically called Emjay a bum and she mentioned a lot of behaviors that he was still exhibiting.

So, Annie helped Amara realize that Emjay hadn’t changed. He still expects the women in his life to take care of him and so later Amara threw him out of her house.

Amara told him she wanted a break. But no one believes her. They all believed she threw Emjay away the first chance she could and that PreMadonna had merely given her the excuse she needed. PreMadonna even felt that way as well. It’s why she doesn’t understand why Amara is angry with her because in reality she did Amara a favor by bringing around Annie and she also said they weren’t that close.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara La Negra Dumped Emjay, Thanks To PreMadonna

PreMadonna did not consider Amara her sister. She didn’t even believe they were friends. She thought they were more like acquaintances and she told everyone that she doesn’t owe Amara a thing.

PreMadonna doesn’t think she should apologize for the way she handled the whole Annie/Amara encounter. If anything, she felt she should be thanked and so she got angry at Amara for being angry with her. It was stupid and somewhat childish.

But these two women started fighting over who deserved to be angry. They almost got physical with each other over it and so both of them walked away losers because no grown women should be fighting over schoolyard crap.

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