Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Bambi And LightSkinKeisha Feud – Did Scrappy Cheat?

Did LightSkinKeisha break girl code? on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” this season? The only drama she seems to have stirred up was with Bambi and her husband Lil Scrappy. Lil Scrappy has worked with LightSkinKeisha in the past.

They created a song together and Scrappy failed to promote it because he didn’t want his wife to see it or to upset her. His wife Bambi doesn’t like LightSkinKeisha. She even went as far as to accuse LSK of breaking the girl code by going after taken men in the past.

Love and Hip Hip Atlanta: LightSkinKeisha And Bambi Beef Over Scrappy

“According to Bambi, Keisha began making passes at one of her friend’s boyfriend while they were still in a relationship. Though Bambi admits she does not know Keisha, the alleged situation is enough for her to keep her distance.”

Bambi is so set on hating LSK that Scrappy now ignores her in public. He treats her much differently when his wife around and that could behind the real reason why Bambi doesn’t want LightSkinKeisha around.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Did Scrappy Cheat With LightSkinKeisha?

It was also pretty phony of Bambi to be mentioning girl code. She was the same woman that joined a very married Kirk Frost in the hot tub and there was no way she could deny knowing about his wife.

This hot tub incident took place around way too many cameras/witnesses. Bambi knew he was a married man and didn’t let that stop her from helping Kirk break his marital vows.

Kirk later got in trouble for what he did. His wife almost divorced him over the incident and so Bambi shouldn’t be out here judging women by her own hoe-ish standards. As far as she can prove, LightSkinKeisha has never once broken the girl code. 

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