Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara La Negra’s Complicated Relationship With Her Father

“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star  Amara was contacted by her father this season. Amara La Negra’s relationship with her father has always been a difficult one. She didn’t see him much growing up and so she came to feel like there was something wrong her. As if that could explain why her father never tried to reach out to her or loved her enough to stay.

It created a complex with Amara. The Love and Hip Hop Miami star was left with so many questions growing up that she jumped at the chance to speak to her father again and it had been her mother that warned her.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Amara La Negra’s Daddy Issues

Amara’s mother told her that her father was only wanting a relationship now because she was famous. She also reminded Amara that her father had several opportunities to reconnect when Amara was young and he didn’t take any of them.

Amara’s mother didn’t want her seeing the man. But Amara ignored her advice and she met with her dad. She told him how painful it was to grow up without him. She also told him she loved him and he told her he loved her.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara La Negra’s Father Flips The Script

Amara La Negra’s father had excuses for why he couldn’t be there when she was young. He said he didn’t have his papers and he was in legal trouble. He also claimed to have looked for her and couldn’t find her. In other words, Amara’s parents were blaming each other for the separation.

Her mom was saying the father never tried and the father was implying that the mother hid her.

Amara didn’t know who to believe, but she still wanted her dad in her life and so she chose to take his excuses at face value.

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