Love and Hip Hop Miami: Joy Young Concerned About Ex-Husband Trick Daddy

Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Trick Daddy was recently arrested. He was charged with a DUI and drug possession when the police found traces of cocaine on his person.

Now, Trick couldn’t really say much about it on the last episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”. He told producers that whatever he said was going to be used against him in court and so he wanted to keep it quiet. He didn’t want to discuss it with cameras. He also didn’t want anyone else bringing it up and so of course his ex-wife ended up doing just that. Joy Young was concerned about him.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Trick Daddy’s Arrest Worries Joy Young

The two broke up several years ago. She’s been trying to divorce him ever since and he’s been stalling on giving her that divorce. Trick still loves her. He admitted to the cameras and he even told Joy this to her face. He referred to her as the perfect woman for him and so that’s why he allowed her to discuss her case with him. He listened to her as she told him she was worried. She reminded him that he needed to take better care of himself. He was diagnosed with lupus and his condition needed careful management. Not all-out partying.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Trick Daddy’s Downward Spiral

Trick was so stubborn, though. He didn’t like taking medication for his condition and he hasn’t seen a doctor in years. He said he feels fine and so that had been enough for him. He didn’t even want to listen to Joy when she mentioned medications. She was trying to tell him to be safe and he instead took her words as a sign that she still cares about him.

And so he was trying to win her back even as Joy was telling him he could die.

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