Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara La Negra’s Shady Boyfriend Emjay Now Wants To Be Her Manager

There’s something shady about “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star Emjay. He first came on the scene as Amara La Negra’s boyfriend and he was quick to move in with her. He was also quick to get rid of her manager. E

mjay accused her manager Jullian Boothe of sexual harassing her and he confronted the guy after his girlfriend told him to leave it alone. Amara didn’t want a confrontation. She had wanted to move past what happened and pretend like it didn’t exist. She was fine with keeping Jullian on as her manager until Emjay interfered again.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – First Emjay Eliminated Jullian Boothe

Emjay convinced her that Jullian crossed a line. He told Amara he didn’t want her around the guy and she listened to him. She listened to him in spite of her own mother telling her not to rely on Emjay.

Amara was told to trust her own instincts and she thought that meant firing Jullian. She also thought Emjay was happy for her and it seems like he was only looking out for himself this whole time.

Emjay now wants to represent her. He has no manager skills and his only experience is in representing himself. Something he wasn’t great at or else people would know him for more than just being Amara’s boyfriend.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Was Amara Better Off With Jullian Boothe?

Emjay tried to tie Amara down anyway he could. He first came up with the idea of having a baby and after she shot that down – he came up with a dog. A dog he bought without telling her and one she couldn’t return.

Emjay then brought up his master plan of representing her as her new manager. He thought Amara was so in love with him that she’d jump at the chance and so he didn’t account for her hesitation. Amara was too smart to put her career in his unreliable hands. She wasn’t going to let Emjay represent her and now she was more suspicious of him than ever.

Emjay was shady!

Amara needed to question her relationship and she needs to do it now!

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