This Is Us Season 4, Episode 14 Spoilers: Promo For ‘The Cabin’ Reveals What Marc Does to Teen Kate

This Is Us season 4, episode 14 spoilers reveal the upcoming installment is titled “The Cabin.” We have already heard that the episode will focus on the “Big Three” as adults meeting together at the family cabin. However, it will also feature what Marc (Austin Abrams) did to teen Kate Pearson (Hannah Ziele) that fateful night. Keep reading to find out more about this storyline.

Creepy Marc is Dangerous

For the past several weeks, fans have discussed “creepy Marc” and predicted he was abusive. Not only that, but Marc was Kate’s first romantic relationship. It may have set the tone for the rest of her relationships and might play a part in her marriage to Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan).

During the winter hiatus, executive producers told Entertainment Weekly about how fans were right to worry about Marc and Kate’s romance.

This Is Us Season 4, Episode 14 Spoilers

It is suggested Kate is in danger with Marc. Kate and her mom, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) get into a fight. The teenager storms out and meets up with her boyfriend. Apparently, they head to the Pearson family cabin and that is when Rebecca realizes that her daughter is in danger. We saw the mother of three gather up her sons and tell them that Kate was in trouble.

Promo For ‘The Cabin’ Features Kate Pearson

The promo clip for “The Cabin” shows Marc inside the warm cabin drinking. He locks Kate outside in the freezing snow. She is at risk of hypothermia and other weather-related conditions. It is also cruel and it is clear from the look on his face that he doesn’t care what happens to Kate. This Is Us season 4, episode 14 spoilers imply Kate made Marc mad and he was “punishing” her.

Synopsis Teases the ‘Big Three’ Reconnect

According to Spoiler TV, the synopsis for the upcoming episode is as follows:

“The Big Three reconnect at the family cabin.”

In addition to learning more about Marc abusing teen Kate, we will also find out what happens to the strained relationship between the adult siblings. There is definitely tension between Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley). Adult Kate Pearson Damon (Chrissy Metz) will also be there and admits she is worried about Randall.

This Is Us Season 4 Spoilers: Justin Hartley Teases Tension

In a recent interview with TV Line, Hartley teased that the siblings would reconnect. However, there would also be a bit of a blow-up. Can they move forward united as a family or will things get out of hand? Find out on Tuesday, February 18 when a new episode of This Is Us airs on NBC.

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