Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sierra Gates Daughter Was Targeted By A Parent At School

What is the world coming to? There used to be a time when a child learns to fight their own battles.

There used to be a time when parents punish their children for fighting and nowadays parents are joining in.

According to an Atlanta new network – “A fight between students at North Atlanta High School escalated Wednesday when one student let her mother on campus during the lunch break, school officials said.”  This mother then proceeded to join her daughter in beating up a fourteen years old girl and not only did this mother make the situation worse, but she could also be facing jail time thanks in large part to the many witnesses.

A district spokesman has said that the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department is investigating. This fight happened on the school’s grounds in the girls’ bathroom at North Atlanta High School. Some of the girls there were filming the incident and the others were actually taking part in the fight.

This fight, mind you, was against one person. The victim is the teenage daughter of reality star Sierra Gates. Gates has been featured on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and she’s the owner of “The Glam Shop” which is a salon on Peters Street in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood.

Gates has spoken out about the case. She like most parents are wondering how an adult became involved in the assault and she’s also questioning whether security could have better protected her child.

A question all parents at the school should be asking.

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