Trick Daddy Arrested on Possession and DUI

The Love & Hip Hop Miami rapper, Trick Daddy was back in the news this weekend. Trick Daddy was allegedly found asleep behind the wheel of the car early Saturday morning and its been downward spiral since then. Trick was questioned by the police. He was asked about his whereabouts as well as his condition. They even asked him if he had anything to drink that night.

The basic routine questioning. But it seems Trick made his first mistake when he actually admitted to drinking. Like, why would you admit that? You’re barely on your feet and you’ve already admitted to leaving a club and have been driving around for while dropping people off. Why then make your situation worse by admitting to having a few drinks?

Sure, they would have run a field sobriety test because of you know the bloodshot eyes and blurred speech but they didn’t need the admission as well. The cops went on to arrest him and common sense did kick in. He refused a breath sample. He also didn’t answer questions when a search of his vehicle later yielded dollar bills with cocaine residue still on it.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Trick Daddy was booked on DUI and cocaine possession charges, but if all they found was residue, can the possession charges really stick. He could easily claim that he just got the money back as change at the club or something. So, its just history working against him. He was arrested back in 2014 for possession and so hopefully the lawyer could suppress it.

And, hey, he made bail so his situation can’t have been that bad.

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