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Is Match Me Abroad Star Harold On The Wrong Show?

Is Match Me Abroad Star Harold On The Wrong Show?Match Me Abroad premiered on May 14 on TLC. Similar in a way to 90 Day Fiance, it involves finding love with someone that people barely know. In the case of the new show, it brings matchmakers who pair American singles with their ideal partners. At the moment, fans are discussing Harold who looks for love in the Czech Republic. Well, some folks feel that he’s on the wrong show.

Match Me Abroad: Harold Has A Matchmaker

Like all of the people on the new show, Harold has a matchmaker, Katarina Nemcova, who seems to be familiar with finding partners for people like him, If you don’t know, he’s autistic and explained in his confessional that he really struggles. That’s because he sometimes misses social cues with women, He’s not a young man, and his mom features quite a lot in his footage. Mostly, people seem to like him. But, is he on the wrong show?

Match Me Abroad star Harold is an artist and enjoys collecting rocks, which he proudly displayed on his Instagram, as well as in the show. Actually, he claims that he wants a European woman because they are straight up and rather blunt. For some reason, he thinks he might do better with someone like that. But early in the show, his own bluntness alienated some fans. That came when he stereotyped women by expressing his interest in a “hot blonde.”

Match Me Abroad: Harold Is On The Wrong Show?

This week, Harold took to his Instagram ahead of the next episode. Shouting out the show, he also shared some of his art. In his caption, he said, “Now I’m ready to break out into the world to be seen and sell some art, work on my inventions, the main goal is just to leave the world a better place than I found it.” Well, that is precisely the reason why people seem to like him.

Is Match Me Abroad Star Harold On The Wrong Show
Artwork By Harold – @HaroldDavisII / Instagram

Some folks feel that Match Me Abroad might not help Harold to find the right kind of person. While he seems to be very sweet, what does he have to offer someone from Europe? On Reddit, where a new community started up for the show, folks discussed that.

U/AppreciateMyLife wondered, “Even if, through some miracle, he got a match and some woman wanted a relationship, then what? He lives in Los Alamos NM. There is nothing there. …I don’t think that is what some Eastern European woman is envisioning when thinking about moving to the USA.”

Should Harold Be On Love On Yhe Spectrum?

Match Me Abroad viewers seem to feel that Perhaps Love on the Spectrum would have been better for Harold. U/LurkerNinja_ opined, “I think he should be on Love on the Spectrum too. Not so much to hook him up with other people that are on the spectrum but to get access to … dating coaches that specialize in autism. The dating coaches on the show are far more experienced.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Harold should rather be on a different show? Shout out in the comments below.

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