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Sister Wives Spoilers: When Is Christine Brown Marrying David Woolley?

Sister Wives Spoilers: When Is Christine Brown Marrying David Woolley?

In February 2023, Sister Wives star Christine Brown confirmed the rumor that she was dating a man named David Woolley. Next, seemingly in a big hurry, he prosed to her in Utah and she accepted. As things seem to be humming along, when will they tie the knot? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives: Not Everyone Is Pleased About Christine Brown & David

The news about the engagement arrived on Truely’s birthday. Immediately, people started wondering how the family would accept the news. Paedon, her only son with Kody Brown had previously been very supportive of his mom. However, the news arrived that he thought they rushed things too much. So, it will be interesting to see if he attends the wedding.

Another Sister Wives star who reportedly reacted badly to the sudden engagement news was Janelle Brown. Yet again, it was a person who supported Christine for a long time. Recall, spoilers revealed that she knew about Kody’s third wife wishing to leave before they made the move to Flagstaff. If there were any issues, they seem to have evaporated, as Janelle and Savanah just spent a weekend enjoying David and Christine’s company, in Moab, Utah.

Sister Wives: When Will David Woolley Marry Christine?

Seeing that the couple seems determined to do everything at hypersonic speed, TLC fans assume that a wedding will happen quite soon. Naturally, her many fans are over the moon, but more pragmatic folks think she lost her mind. After all, she spent most of her adult life in an unhappy marriage, and rushing to the altar seems like a really bad decision.

Sister Wives Spoilers When Is Christine Brown Marrying David Woolley
TLC And Christine Brown / Instagram

New spoilers about the Sister Wives’ wedding arrived via The Sun this week. According to the outlet, a source claims that the nuptials will take place within weeks. Their insider source noted, “It will be in the middle of summer and definitely before the kids go back to school.” Additionally, it sounds like they set a date for “July” this year.

Where Will They Tie The Knot?

Recently, Sister Wives fans noticed that David Woolley and Christine Brown seem to travel a lot. As they apparently search for a nice rural setting for their wedding, they might be doing a bit of business with pleasure travel.

As to who will be on the guest list, it’s safe to say that Kody Brown probably won’t be there. Robyn might be unwelcome as well. Meanwhile, David’s family and the daughters of Christine will probably try and be there for their mom.

Whether TLC will film the wedding as a special or not has not yet been confirmed.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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