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Return to Amish Spoilers: Ray Accused of Faking the Drama on This Season

Return to Amish Spoilers: Ray Accused of Faking the Drama on This Season

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that fans of the show think that Ray has been faking it all just to cause some drama on the show. Ray wanted to test the English life and see if it would be the one he wanted. He feels as if the Amish lifestyle is not for him and that is clear when fans saw him get a DUI for driving his horse and buggy!. However, there are some fans of the show who feel that all of the drama he is stirring up is fake. Let’s find out why.

Ray and Rosanna’s Time on Return to Amish

Rosanna became a fan favorite when she first appeared on Return to Amish, but fans aren’t so sure how to feel about Ray. He is very protective of his sister and fans aren’t sure what to think of this. Some find it creepy, while others think that he has a gut feeling about her getting involved in the wrong crowd.

Fans noticed that Ray was overreacting a little but when Johnny, Rosanna’s boyfriend, was very flirty with other girls. He went a little overboard with his reaction and this is one of the main reasons that fans think that Ray is faking the drama.

Social media hasn’t hidden any hints about Ray though. In fact, Rosanna took to her TikTok account to spill some tea about her brother. She shared with her fans that Ray is still living in the Amish world. Jeremiah Raber told his fans that Ray is getting married very soon and fans think that it will not be on eof the girls that he met in Florida.

Return to Amish Spoilers: Ray Accused of Faking the Drama on This Season

What Happens Now

Ray has made a lot of rules for his sister, but as we have watched this season of Return to Amish, the rules don’t seem to apply to him. He ended up bringing some girls back to the house from a bar and the others were not pleased about it. However, if his sister did that, he would have gotten so angry with her. Interestingly enough, fans feel that since Ray stayed in the Amish world, all of this was faked for the show.

After fans looked more at Rosanna’s social media accounts, she did point out that some of what fans see on the show has been faked. In fact, she told her fans that “some of it” is real. We will just have to wait and see what happens on the next episode of Return to Amish.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Return to Amish right now. Come back here often for Return to Amish spoilers, news, and updates.

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