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Five Times Robyn Brown Got Sister Wives Fans Fuming

Five Times Robyn Brown Got Sister Wives Fans Fuming

Most Sister Wives fans seem to have a love-hate relationship when it comes to Kody Brown’s last remaining wife, Robyn Brown, In other words, they love to hate her. She was the youngest and the last of the wives to join the family. Ever since that happened, she seemed to stir up the drama. Here are five times she made TLC fans furious.

Sister Wives Star Kody Divorced Meri For Robyn Brown

Kody and Meri married in 1990 and at first, things seemed to be okay. However, she started to look uncomfortable alongside Christine when he was courting Robyn. At the time, TLC fans liked Meri, although that changed in more recent times. When she divorced Kody at his request, Robyn had claimed it was for the sake of her three children. To this day, many fans believe that Meri was duped into accepting the divorce. So, fans viewed it as Robyn trying for more power and influence in the family.

Another time that Sister Wives fans seethed, came when the catfish scandal was going on. Admittedly, TLC milked the story to death, but they hated that judgemental Robyn sat there like a big spider weaving a web. Recall, she had zero sympathy for Meri’s emotional state. Instead, she ranted about how Meri had embarrassed the family and wailed about how Mariah’s mom hadn’t appreciated what a wonderful man her husband was.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Wanted The Move To Flagstaff?

Many people totally believe that the reason for the move to Flagstaff was so that Robyn’s son, Dayton could attend university. Apparently, he had some special needs, so she didn’t want him far away from home. However, on the show, TLC fans saw that the other wives, particularly Janelle were shattered by the move. In fact, her son Gabe was so upset, but Robyn seemed unmoved for his feelings.

Five Times Robyn Brown Got Sister Wives Fans Fuming
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Sister Wives fans also simmered with rage after the move to Flagstaff. Recall, Meri lived in a small rental initially. So, did Janelle, but Robyn, who earned less money than the other wives insisted on buying a mansion. At the time, she claimed that there wasn’t a suitable home that was available to rent for her family. Although she blamed Kody for the decision, fans couldn’t help but think that Robyn was behind the idea. So, they slammed her for splashing out the money at the expense of the other wives.

The Fifth Time Folks Seethed

Sister Wives Fans can probably think of many more occasions when they wanted to throw things at their TVs. Another major talking point on social media arrived when Robyn Brown discussed more kids. Recall, she claimed that she didn’t want more children. But, when she finally claimed that she did want another baby after all, folks thought she was playing mind games and just trying to test Kody’s loyalty.

Can you think of other times when Robyn made you furious? Shout out in the comments below.

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