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Teen Mom Fans Mock Farrah Abraham Who Claims Paralegal Pro-bono Work

Teen Mom Fans Mock Farrah Abraham Who Claims Paralegal Pro-bono Work

Teen Mom fans were disgusted when former 16 and Pregnant star Farrah Abraham quit the reality TV show to go into adult entertainment. Actually, she wrote a book, made adult videos, and once starred in Celebrity Big Brother. She also has a desire to become a lawyer. Well, she now claims that she’s a paralegal going pro-bono work but MTV fans just mocked her.

Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham Gets A Lot Of Critics

The main reason why people hate the former reality TV star is because of her daughter, Sophia. Many people think that she exposed the young teen to too much life, too young. Sophia is now 13, but she was much younger when her mom joined the adult entertainment sector. Even her grandmother seems to be at a loss on what to do about her daughter. That emerged when Farrah was arrested after an alleged assault when she was asked to leave a club.

Teen Mom fans also mocked Farrah for her body sculpting. Actually, she looks only vaguely like the person MTV fans met on the show. Apart from that, fans mocked her because she once seemed to claim that she studied for her master’s at Harvard University. Not to mention that Yale was allegedly trying to recruit her. Now that she has a job as a paralegal, doing pro-bono work, the mockery went off the charts. 

Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham Talks About Her Paralegal Job

What does a paralegal do? Well, according to Career Explorer, they perform “delegated legal work for which a lawyer is ultimately responsible.” These tasks might “include maintaining and organizing files, drafting documents, and conducting legal research.” But, it’s not clear what Farrah means by “pro-bono.” Is she volunteering to work for a lawyer? When she posted about it, a screenshot quickly made its way to Reddit.

Teen Mom Fans Mock Farrah Abraham Who Claims Paralegal Pro-bono Work
Farrah Abraham Via u/barnwater_828 / Reddit

The Teen Mom alum claimed that she will be “clearing records and excusing fees.” Apparently, her qualification is because she knows “what mothers and fathers need to set themselves up for future opportunities.” And that seems odd because she never married and Derek Underwood died before he could be a dad.

MTV Fans Mock Farrah

Teen Mom fans on Reddit took her claims to pieces and mocked her. Here’s what some of them said:

uhyeaokay: I don’t think she knows what paralegal means…

Schmliza: This seems like the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). As a former paralegal myself, you can’t give any legal advice. They’ve come after people for that before.

WestGood6218: A paralegal? Don’t you need formal training? I thought she graduated from LeCordon Bleu and then opened a frogurt shop.

Dramatic_Friend_2627: She can’t even write a coherent sentence, yet she wants me to believe this…? Lmfao.

barnwater_828: I’ll have you know she spent a full 3 weeks at Harvard Extension School and gained a whole masters degree during that time, how dare you.

youngatheart55: More like pro-boner work😏.”

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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