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Seeking Sister Wife: Throwback Photo Gets Fans Gushing Over Tami Winder

Seeking Sister Wife: Throwback Photo Gets Fans Gushing Over Tami Winder

When fans first met Colton Winder and his two wives, Tami and Sophie, on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, they were intrigued by the Utah-based family. Unlike other polygamous families on the show, the Winders lived their lives in accordance with their faith. At first, Tami and Sophie lived separately from each other but eventually made the decision to live in the same house together. Currently, Sophie and Tami are good friends. This week, Tami celebrated her anniversary with Colton, triggering an outpouring of affection from fans.

Seeking Sister Wife: Many Fans Loved The Winder Family

A lot of people didn’t like the direction that the show took. Actually, Tami, Colton, and Sophie seemed like nice people. Some of the cast seemed keen to just leap into bed with another woman. Meanwhile, folks wondered about how the production team vetted some of the other cast members. Not everyone loved them, but those who do, stay in touch via social media.

Seeking Sister Wife alum, Colton recently told his fans that they were under the impression that the show would be more like a docuseries. Anyway, it seems that they regretted being on the show a bit. After they stopped looking for a third wife, they were dropped from the show. From time to time, they mention TLC. In fact, the new show, Brother Husbands seemed to send the wrong message according to their faith.

Seeking Sister Wife: Tami Winder Has An Anniversary

At that moment, Tami expects another child. However, when she and Colton celebrated their anniversary, they opted for throwback photos. In the main photo on Instagram, she looked very beautiful and fans gushed over her. In the caption, it said, “We’re a day late sharing, but yesterday was the 13th anniversary of Tami’s and Colton’s marriage.”

Seeking Sister Wife Throwback Photo Gets Fans Gushing Over Tami Winder
The Winder Family / Instagram


Seeking Sister Wife Fans saw that one of the photos they shared was a bunch of red roses. So, the caption mentioned that. It said, “Thanks as well to Sophie for cutting these beautiful roses from our garden in honor of the day.” Next, it mentioned life and its hardships, but “love abounds, and with it we’re blessed.” Additionally, the post talked about the new baby coming soon. The couple have been married for thirteen years now.

TLC Fans Gush Over The Photo

Seeking Sister Wife fans were stunned by the beautiful photo of Tami with her brand-new husband. One of them wrote, “We need to see more pics!!! Tami is absolutely stunning.”

Similarly, another one said, “Tami looks GORG! I love the bangs! Happy anniversary.”

Yet another fan wrote, “Happy Anniversary!! Tami looking GORGEOUS as usual!!”

What do you think of the throwback photo that The Winder family shared on Colton and Tami’s 13th wedding anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.

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