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Teen Mom: Mackenzie Edwards Returns To Social Media After Ryan’s Sentencing

Teen Mom: Mackenzie Edwards Returns To Social Media After Ryan's Sentencing

In recent news, one-time Teen Mom cast member Ryan Edwards will spend the next year or so at the Silverdale Detention Facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The news followed a series of unfortunate events, which included violating the terms of his probation multiple times. Allegedly, he harassed his wife Mackenzie, and, most alarmingly, overdosed on drugs in his vehicle. Mackenzie temporarily retreated from social media to focus on caring for their family. However, she returned this week and her followers send her messages of encouragement and support.

Teen Mom Alum Ryan Edwards Was Hard To Live With

Ryan Edwards is no stranger to controversy. In fact, his erratic and abusive tendencies seemed to be the result of his struggles with drug use, as many fans have speculated. Unfortunately, one of the main targets of Ryan’s rage was his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, who bore the brunt of his outbursts. However, it’s also worth noting that dealing with an addict is incredibly challenging. Notably, some fans are also reaching out to Maci Bookout, who also had a turbulent relationship with Edwards and was also a victim of his behavior.

Teen Mom alum Mackenzie Edwards was in attendance during Ryan’s court hearing for his DUI. The outcome of the hearing resulted in Ryan being ordered to serve time in jail. This time, the judge felt that it would potentially help him to get his life back on track. Mackenzie voiced her support for the judge’s ruling, stating that she hopes that Ryan will now have the opportunity to make changes in his life. She also mentioned that there are still pending charges for Ryan. Actually, she filed for divorce, and soon after his sentencing she took a break from Instagram,

Teen Mom: Mackenzie Edwards Is Back And Ready To Roll

Dressed for work, on the weekend, Ryan’s wife, who works in repping medical ortho equipment said, “Mack’s back. 🖤 thank you so much for your sweet messages!” Plus, she also said, “I really have appreciated them and read as many as possible. Let’s do this!!” Actually, she looked good and sounded positive about rebuilding her life.

Teen Mom Mackenzie Edwards Returns To Social Media After Ryan's Sentencing
Mackenzie Edwards / Instagram

While some Teen Mom fans slammed her for marrying Ryan in the first place, those with experience of living with addicts could explain their empathy. One of them said, “I went through a similar situation. Everyone wants to judge but the lies and manipulation an addict puts their loves (sic) one through is unlike anything else. It’s very difficult to love an addict. My thoughts are with you.”

Support For Mackenzie Edwards

Other Teen Mom fans liked to see that she looked healthy and happier after the social media break. One MTV fan wrote, “Look at you being a good babe growing and thriving through all the rubble. That’s a level up mama, you got this!”

Plenty of similar messages arrived for her. Hopefully, she keeps on making good decisions for her kids and for herself.

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