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Teen Mom Alum Barbara Evans Spends Mothers Day With Jenelle

Teen Mom Alum Barbara Evans Spends Mothers Day With Jenelle

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans spent years fighting her mom, Barbara Evans for custody of her son, Jace. These days, Jace lives on The Land with his half-siblings, Ensley and Kaiser. Additionally, it seems that David Eason’s daughter, Maryssa also stays there. Things seem to be quite mellow between Barbs and her daughter these days and they all spent time together on Mother’s Day.

Teen Mom: Barbara Evans Got A Life After Caving On Custody Fight

MTV fans who watched Jace grow up know that her mom, Jenelle wasn’t easy to raise. Plenty of footage from the show revealed her fighting things out with her mom, Barbs. Many fans were thrilled that Barbs got custody of Jace and kept him for so long. However, in February this year, the news arrived that Barbara gave custody of Jace to her daughter. Rumors arrived that Jace was starting to get a bit too much for her to deal with.

The former Teen Mom star maybe dreaded the thought of another round of raising a rebellious teen. It’s not clear why Barbs suddenly had an about-turn. Perhaps she was simply tired of all the drama. Bear in mind, teenagers can be extremely difficult at times. According to Jenelle, her mom was keen to get a life. In fact, she apparently booked a cruise with some friends. But, she does see Jace and she spent time with him on Mother’s Day, 2023.

Teen Mom – Barbara Evans & The Rest of The Family On Mother’s Day

Jenelle shared a photo of herself with her mom, all the kids, and David Eason. Soon, it made its way to Reddit. There, it was posted by u/Family_Chantal. The caption said, “Mother’s Day off the land.” Meanwhile, Jenelle’s caption said, “It’s nice when we can all get along.”  Redditors can be harsh, but one community member, u/yodelpup said, “Ngl the family photos look nice/decent. David needs to use SPF and get a hair cut imo but whatever.”

Teen Mom Alum Barbara Evans Spends Mothers Day With Jenelle
Jenelle Evans Via u/Family_Chantal / Reddit

Other Teen Mom critics took the conversation into discussing David. One of them opined, “David is starting to look like he wandered off an Amish farm.” 

Plenty of people agreed that David looks very different these days. His style actually does look Amish or Pilgrim. U/Away-Care-171 said, “His hat is giving Salem witch trials 🧙 😭😭 [vibes].” 

However, the chatter soon turned back to Jace and his “mom” Barbara. This comment arrived: Jace’s smile and him putting his hand on Barb looks genuine, not forced for the camera.” – (u/wafflesberrypancakes.)

More Comments About Barbara And Jace Evans

Teen Mom fans like Barbara and they enjoy Jace. So, they felt happy to see that the family seemed relaxed with each other.  U/IvyKane1001 said, “These are actually cute family photos. Sighs I hope the happiness is real though and all the kids are safe and healthy.”

Meanwhile, u/AMissKathyNewman said, “Awe Jace with his arm on Babs shoulder is soo sweet.” Actually, a lot of other people also noticed that affectionate gesture.

What are your thoughts about Barbara Evans spending time with Jenelle, David, and all the kids this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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