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Mama June Shannon Has Many Parenting Regrets, Here are Some!

Mama June Shannon Has Many Parenting Regrets, Here are Some!

Mama June spoilers reveal that fans of the show were happy to hear June Shannon talk about how she has some parenting regrets. Fans have watched June at her worst when she turned to drugs and alcohol and chose a man over her children. She ended up losing custody of her youngest daughter, Alana Thompson. Now she has started to share some more about these regrets, so let’s see what she talked about.

What Does June Regret?

The new season of Mama June: Family Crisis is coming soon and June has been ramping up for the premiere. Her family has been as well and there are some trailers that are filled with tension and drama. June wanted to touch base with her fans about how she feels about parenting. She told them, “Parents or kids don’t come with an instructional manual.

I talk about this. I’m sure that I’m going to make a few mistakes in the future, and I’m sure they will, too. So I’m not going to say that I’m going to be perfect for the rest of their life, and they’re not going to be perfect the rest of my life.”

June’s husband, Justin Stroud told fans, “Of course everybody- I wouldn’t really say regrets because I feel like that’s a strong word- I feel like the mistakes that we make, makes us the people that we become, if you learn from them. Some people don’t ever learn from them and keep doing it. So I don’t regret anything. But I do wish, I’m sure she does wish that we would’ve done things differently, but it might not have led us to each other. So you got to be thankful for everything that has happened.”

Mama June Shannon Has Many Parenting Regrets, Here are Some!

Justin Supports June

Justin has shown a lot of support for June and he realizes that she had a horrible drug problem just a few years ago. She also made some horrible decisions that affected her children in a bad way. Even though June does have regrets, she did leave her children for drugs. June admits that she is trying her best to repair these relationships.

June told her fans that during this season of the show, they will see her trying to repair the relationships in her life. If her children decide to finally forgive her is completely up to them though. We will have to wait and see if the sixth season of Mama June: Family Crisis will be the saving grace that June needs.

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