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Match Me Abroad On TLC: Where To Find Harold On Instagram

Match Me Abroad On TLC: Where To Find Harold On Instagram

Match Me Abroad is a new show from TLC.  It brings matchmakers from around the world who pair American singles with their ideal partners. In that respect, it differs from 90 Day Fiance, where people find online dating partners before meeting their prospective mates. The show premieres on Sunday, May 14 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. Harold will be seen in the Czech Republic with his matchmaker, Katarina Nemcova.

Match Me Abroad Is Similar To 90 Day Fiance

The new show brings people who look for love overseas, and everyone knows from 90 Day Fiance, that it doesn’t always work out. Nevertheless, there are some success stories like Biniyam and Ariela.  However, Katerine Nemcova might find success with Harold because TLC revealed that she has an 80 percent success rate in matchmaking.

Match Me Abroad might get the same reaction from TLC fans as The Other Way. Obviously, some drama will come along. Hopefully, though, there are more stories like Kenny and Armando. They fast became fan favorites because their love seems really genuine. Well, not all of the cast for the new show have been found on Instagram just yet. But thanks to Harold, we were able to track him down.

Match Me Abroad: Who Is Harold Who Goes To The Czech Republic?

From previews of the new TLC show, people have already heard that Harold is 41 years old and hails from New Mexico. He told the cameras that he’s “autistic” and has a problem with women because he often misses “social cues.”  Talking about the Czech Republic, he said that the air is nice. Actually, kudos to him for taking his life in front of the camera.

Match Me Abroad On TLC Where To Find Harold On Instagram
@HaroldDavisII / Instagram

Why go to Europe or on the Match Me Abroad show in the first place? Well, he said in a preview, “I’ve read that Eastern European women, they’re very blunt and honest, and I really appreciate that.” Well, they sure are, as his girl told him she doesn’t “like flowers on men,” when he wore a shirt with a floral design on it.

Where To Find Harold On Instagram

The new Match Me Abroad star revealed in the preview that he works as an artist. Meanwhile, on his Instagram, his profile says: “Artist, Inventor, Nuclear Worker, Action my best course, Trust is my foundation.” At the moment, he is followed by TLC, but few other people. He could certainly use a few more followers as on May 12, he only had 49 followers.

We were able to track him down because he posted a reply on a preview by TLC. You can check him out ON THIS LINK HERE.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC franchise right now. Come back here often for more Match Me Abroad spoilers, news, and updates.

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