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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jasper Newman Dishes On His Alter Ego

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jasper Newman Dishes On His Alter EgoDays of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Jasper Newman has his own outlook on his Salem alter ego. Jasper believes that Colin Bedford is just a misunderstood bad boy.

Colin Bedford Is Not All Bad

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Colin may seem like an evil guy. However, that isn’t the whole story when it comes to Colin. Could Colin’s feelings of love for his mother and his father be coming out as a vendetta? Is this the only way that Colin knows to deal with everything he has lost and the only way to make someone pay?

Jasper admits that he knew about soaps before he joined Days of Our Lives. Jasper’s family members watch British soaps and he admits to occasionally watching them at times. Newman says he knew about Days and how it was so much bigger than the shows he is more familiar with. Newman also knew that they were different and he chose to join Days.

DOOL Spoilers: Jasper Newman Has Done Other Projects

Although Jasper has done other projects he says he didn’t know what to expect in this new role. It is a very different type of shooting than what he has been used to. Jasper describes it as “like being right in the middle of a theater and filming for TV or features. It was incredible coming onto the set and seeing everything come together… it’s been a brilliant experience with a lot of different people there.”

Newman credits that casting director, Marnie Saitta as “one of the biggest helps.” Newman says she has helped him to adjust to things at the studio and explained things from day one. She is eager to answer any questions and help him to prepare mentally for what he is about to do that day. This way Newman says, he can focus on his work.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jasper Newman Dishes On His Alter Ego

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Co-stars Are A Big Help

Jasper says that Aketra Sevellian, who plays Talia, has been a big help as well. Newman says working with Aketra is fun. They have a great working relationship and she always assures him if he thinks he messed up or did something wrong. Aketra was supportive and helpful along with some of the other costars.

Newman finds his work interesting and says it was great diving into the layers of Colin. Jasper says he loves being able to play with the role so much including going into all of the extreme emotions. Newman is very happy with the role and says he has really enjoyed getting to sink his teeth into the role of Colin and his revenge plot.

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