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Mama June Shannon Claims Her Expensive Drug Addiction Ruined Her Health

Mama June Shannon Claims Her Expensive Drug Addiction Ruined Her Health

Mama June: Family Crisis is back on WETV and June Shannon is doing interviews. Well, she’s talking about her drug spree with Geno Doak. Even before the season of Family Intervention, fans suspected that the couple did a lot of drugs. Notably, the Not to Hot star became less than lukewarm in the opinions of fans. Now that she’s apparently sober, she rues her drug spree because it ruined her health.

Mama June Shannon And Geno Blew $$$$$$$ On Drugs

Shannon met Geno Doak while he worked as a contractor on her house, and the two soon became partners in life. However, their relationship took a turn for the worse when they started abusing substances. In fact, she sold her house and blew about a million dollars on their drug habit. Eventually, they were arrested and June went to rehab. After completing rehab, June and Geno separated, and June began rebuilding her life.

Before Mama June: Road To Redemption aired, fans saw that Shannon called on her sister Doe Doe. By then, the kids wanted nothing to do with her. In 2021, WETV showed her telling Doe Doe that she might die. Apparently, the drug abuse had caused stage 3 Lymphedema which she claimed would kill her within six months. And, she wanted to see Alana and Lauryn before that happened. Well, she hasn’t died yet, but she does rue the time she abused her own body with drugs.

Mama June Seems Unhappy At The Waste Of Money And Bad Health

On May 10, The Daily Mail reported that Geno’s ex totally regrets her drug spree that lost her lots of moolah. Naturally, addicts can’t be expected to be rational, and back in the day, it didn’t seem like she cared. But, being sober puts things in a different perspective. Apart from losing money, she also claims that it caused her health to decline.

Mama June Shannon Claims Her Expensive Drug Addiction Ruined Her Health
June Shannon / Instagram

Citing Mama June, the outlet wrote, “I think about a lot of things I could do with that money. My husband tells me all the time that I can’t dwell on it.” Additionally, she noted, “The biggest, stupidest thing I’ve done is spend that much money on drugs.” Apparently, the WETV star “mostly snorted cocaine until it damaged her vision, at which point she switched to smoking crack cocaine.”

Health Damaged

Mama June told the outlet that she suffers from things like really bad beaches and other ailments. However, the medical profession can’t seem to get a firm diagnosis. Actually, she seems to feel angry because she gets the feeling that doctors seem to just expect her to relapse into drugs. In fact, fans on Instagram have noticed that the TV star doesn’t look all that healthy.  Hopefully, in time, she fully recovers her health.

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