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Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Reveals His Sister’s Mind-Blowing Achievement

Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Reveals His Sister's Mind-Blowing Achievement

Sister Wives star Tony Padron is way more active on his social media these days and he recently started sharing a bit more about his family and friends. This weekend, he shared about his sister Jessica, and TLC fans said that what she achieved seemed mind-blowing to them.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Opens Up A Lot These Days

Before Mykelti fell pregnant with her twins, Tony was quiet on his social media. Now that he’s the proud dad of Avalon and two little boys, he started sharing much more. Actually, the twins are really growing into a cute duo. Of course, as he also returned to the TLC show, he seems to be way more interested in engaging with a growing fan base.

Sister Wives stars Maddie Brush and her half-sister Mykelti both expected babies at the same time. The twins arrived ahead of Maddie’s new baby, and they get a lot of attention from baby-loving fans. Now that Tony’s more active, there’s an extra page to find out more about the family. This week, in a rare post, Tony talked about his sister Jessica.

Sister Wives: Mind-Blowing Sister Of Tony Padron

On Friday, Kody Brown’s son-in-law took to his Instagram and shared a nice photo. In it, he stood next to his sister, while Mykelti held Avalon in her arms. What he had to say in his caption just blew away fans. It turns out that she’s extremely clever. Mind you, one of Tony’s passions is chess, and serious players need to be able to think deeply. Maybe it runs in t family.

Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Reveals His Sister's Mind-Blowing Achievement
Tony Padron / Instagram

The Sister Wives star wrote “Huge Congrats to My Sister Jessica @coco_cabana1 for earning her Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. Have fun in Japan.” Clearly, with her new degree, she found employment in Asia, which seems like an incredible achievement So, many TLC fans took to the comments to congratulate her.

Fans Comment On The Post

Extremely impressed, one Sister Wives fan wrote, “Wow that’s really amazing! Congrats… mind blowing.”

Another follower said, “Congratulations Jessica. What a fantastic achievement!”

Similarly, this comment arrived: “Wow! I too am a woman engineer. Congratulations to Jessica. Japan. Well that sounds cool.”

Lots of people also talked about her going to Japan which sounds very exciting as well. Unfortunately, Jessica keeps her Instagram private, so it’s unlikely that TLC viewers will see much from her about her next-level life. However, there is a possibility that Tony Padron might occasionally keep fans up to date about his sister.

Are you impressed with Jessica’s mind-blowing achievement? Shout out in the comments below.

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