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1000-Lb Sisters: Is Amy Halterman Regretting Michaels Divorce Filing?

1000-Lb Sisters: Is Amy Halterman Regretting Michaels Divorce Filing?

1000-Lb Sisters fans will see a fifth season of the show because cameras were seen filming outside a courthouse in Kentucky this week. Well, if the cameras are there, is everything what it seems to be? Is Amy Halterman having some regrets about her divorce from Michael? Certainly, it appears that she’s having a softer attitude towards him as she reportedly dropped the charges of domestic violence against him.

1000-Lb Sisters: Michael And Amy Halterman In Court

TLC’s show highlighted some turmoil within Michael and his wife’s relationship. The breaking point came during the picnic scene when he refused to assist with their children, which caused fans to become irate. However, behind the scenes, fans started digging around, leading to rumors that the couple was getting a divorce. Unfortunately, Amy confirmed these rumors herself.

Allegedly, the 1000-Lb Sisters couple got into a big fight when she wanted to leave with the kids. objecting,  Michael allegedly turned violent ad threw stuff around. Notably, there were no reports that he actually assaulted his wife. However, the kids were probably there, so that could be why she took out a protective order. At the moment, Michael does see the kids, but he wants more time with them.

1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Halterman Drops Domestic Violence Charge

The Sun US reported that on May 3, Michael appeared at a Kentucky court. Meanwhile, Amy rocked up with Amanda and Chris. And yes, the cameras were rolling outside. The outlet’s article said that Amy left the courtroom a couple of times and the second time, she went out with Amanda to chat with her legal rep. When she returned, “Amy motioned to withdraw her domestic violence charges, and the judge permitted it.”

1000-Lb Sisters Is Amy Halterman Regretting Michaels Divorce Filing
Amy Halterman / Instagram

Is the 1000-Lb Sisters star having second thoughts about the whole drama? Well, possibly not. That is because when it came to talking about custody arrangements, she apparently seemed unwilling to compromise. Michael already sees the kids on the weekends. Apparently, they stay with him at his mom’s place. However, He wants a more flexible arrangement.

Objecting To Crowded Home

In court, the 1000-Lb Sisters star used the excuse that Michael’s mom has a full house already. So, the kids staying there more often wouldn’t be good for them. However, it was noted that they already stay there, so what’s the big deal? Anyway, the judge didn’t get around to concluding any of the custody issues

Going forward, the couple will now remain apart as per the restriction order regarding the divorce. Perhaps the divorce court will settle any custody issues later.

What are your thoughts about Amy Halterman apparently resisting Michael’s demands about more custody time? What about her dropping the domestic violence charges? Is she having some teeny tiny regrets? Let us know in the comments below.

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