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Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Tiger’s Eyes Are Getting A lot of Attention, Here’s Why

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Tiger's Eyes Are Getting A lot of Attention, Here's Why

Seeking Brother Husband spoilers reveal that Tiger Moonstone has been getting a lot more attention lately. The reason for all of this attention is because of his eyes. Fans have started to notice his beautiful blue eyes and now they want to know if he is wearing contacts. While viewers have watched Tiger with his wife, Kenya, they have really been drawn to his eyes. Now it looks as if he is getting a lot of questions about them.

Let’s Learn More About Tiger

Tiger and Kenya recently held their commitment ceremony and he is now her official second husband. With this season coming to an end soon, a lot of viewers want to know more about Tiger. The one thing they’re very interested in is his eyes. Tiger has been such a big part of Kenya’s life and even her children treat him like he is their second father. They trust him and turn to him for advice just as they would their biological father. This has made life easier for everyone involved.

Now that Tiger and Kenya are married, she is ready to start dating another man. This has been tough on Tiger and Carl, her other husband. Kenya loves both of their interests and enjoys time with both of them, however, they are ready to expand the family. While fans wait for news of another season of the show, more questions have come up about the cast members. With fans speculating on their marriage and lifestyle, now there are more rumors coming out.

Are His Eyes Real?

By looking at Tiger’s sparkling blue eyes, fans have started to wonder if he wears contacts. Not only that, it looks as if he chooses to wear different color contacts. Twitter was filled with viewer comments about his eyes. One wrote, “Tiger’s colored contacts are so distracting… why are we doing this in 2023?!” Another added, “Sir…are those GREY contacts in your head?!” One more added, “I like him with blue contacts. At first, I thought he just had blue eyes. Now he has grey eyes. This is confusing.”

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Tiger's Eyes Are Getting A lot of Attention, Here's Why

It is clear that fans really did like Tiger with blue eyes and it does look as if he loves to change his eye color. This did fool fans at first, but it turns out that this style does suit him very well. Viewers are hopeful that they will get a chance to see more of Tiger and Kenya, but we will just have to wait and see if TLC decides to renew the series. In the meantime, you can follow them all on their social media accounts.

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