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Love During Lockup Spoilers: New Season Spoilers and Premiere Date

Love During Lockup Spoilers: New Season Spoilers and Premiere Date

Love During Lockup spoilers reveal that there is a new season of the show coming soon! Of course, fans of the franchise are very excited about meeting a new cast and seeing some of their favorites coming back. After watching the season finale of Life After Lockup, now fans are even more excited to see what’s next. Let’s take a closer look.

The New Season

It turns out that the new season of Love During Lockup will air in July. The clip for the new season tells fans, “The only thing harder than dating an inmate is waiting for the new season of Love During Lockup, coming this July. All new couples. All new cons. All new crazy.” There has yet to be a full trailer for the show, but fans are patiently waiting for WE tv to release it. This small clip is just a taste of what is next for the show.

The best thing about the new season will be filled with all new couples. This isn’t something that we see often and makes it even better for fans! It actually doesn’t look like we will see any returning couples or at least not from the hints about this new season. One Instagram account, Merry Pants decided that they would do some research about the new couples as well.

Who Will We See?

Merry Pants on Instagram recently shared that there will be at least four new couples on the show. It looks as if one of the men has received a 32-year prison sentence and the show will follow him with his girlfriend. It does look as if two of the women in the pictures are wearing engagement rings so they are working through a very tough time. There are also a lot of tears in the pictures and we all know what that means!

Love During Lockup Spoilers: New Season Spoilers and Premiere Date

There has been research done about possible locations for this new season. Sharp Entertainment is the production company that casts Love During Lockup. They recently put out casting calls for different locations for the show. In fact, fans think that the show could take place anywhere. Some of the most recent locations on their website include Providence, Rhode Island, Red Bank, New Jersey, Davenport, Iowa, Louisville, Kentucky, Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado. We will continue to keep an eye on any trailers for the show from WE tv. With the announcement made about it, we can bet that the trailer will be out soon enough on social media.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love During Lockup right now. Come back here often for Love During Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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