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Reckless James Duggar? Counting On Fans Fear For His Life

Reckless James Duggar? Counting On Fans Fear For His Life

Counting On alum James Duggar, the 11th-born child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seems to be living life dangerously. Actually,  TLC fans fear he could have a bad accident. Recently, he’s been seen careering around in his truck on country roads. However, this week, he was spottedhe posted pictures on a highway. Well, critics don’t think that his vehicle looks safe,

Counting On: James Duggar Seems To be Having A Blast

One of Jim Bob’s children looks genuinely happy with this life. James posted a lot recently. From flying around in a helicopter with no doors, to just bopping on the backroads with friends, he’s always smiling. Actually, one photo that he shared made some fans wonder if he’s been smoking weed. Well, he is young, and as far as TLC fans know, single, But is footloose and fancy-free James on the road to a nasty accident?

Counting On fans probably understand his love for flying. After all, he’s in his early 20s, and lots of young people that age would love to fly: if they happened to have a bunch of planes and helicopters in the family. Plus, who hasn’t driven around with friends enjoying a blast? But he’s a Duggar, and that makes a big difference in perceptions. It’s okay for Christians to have fun, but critics fear he might hurt someone.

Counting On: Reckless James Duggar?

On the weekend, James shared some photos on Instagram Stories. Well, someone found them and shared them on the Duggar Snark Reddit community. Apart from selfies while driving, they couldn’t help but notice that he was on a freeway and clocking about 80 miles per hour. But, the windshield was cracked on the driver’s side.

Reckless James Duggar Counting On Fans Fear For His Life
James Duggar – Instagram via u/Findingmyflair – Reddit

Many Counting On followers noticed that red lights showed on the dash. So, they thought that they might indicate that some serious maintenance might be needed. Or, it might indicate that a door isn’t closed properly. Anyway, it was sufficient for u/Findingmyflair to comment, “This does not look safe…” Others agreed and the comments section quickly filled up

Fearful TLC Fans Worry About Potential Danger

One Counting On follower, u/Erger said, “…Between the dent in the windshield, the multiple warning lights and TAKING A PICTURE WHILE DRIVING AT 80 MILES PER HOUR. this dumb*ss should have his license taken away.”

Meanwhile, cheshire_kat7 opined, “lights on dashboard, filming while driving – next to a semi – and giant crack in the windscreen… all his reckless driving posts make me concerned he won’t see his 25th birthday, at this rate.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think the lights mean something serious was going on? Is the windshield cracked beyond safe levels? Do you hope that James doesn’t hurt himself or others? Sound off in the comments below.

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