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Why Is Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Obsessed With Doing Her Laundry?

Why Is Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Obsessed With Doing Her Laundry?

Sister Wives fans know Janelle Brown seems to be a nice, fun, and friendly person. Well, apart from when she defends her kids like a big old mamma bear. But sometimes, she can come across as a bit eccentric. This week, she talked about her love for the laundromat, and that might seem a bit weird to those who suffer from laundrophobia.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Sometimes Seems A Bit Eccentric

TLC fans love Janelle Brown because she seems to be so positive about everything. Remember when she needed a home in Flagstaff after her rental went on the market? No problem, she simply decided to move into her RV on Coyote Pass. Clearly, Robyn Brown thought she was a bit weird and eccentric. Mind you, some fans thought she did a splendid job of getting Kody to stay away from her in her bid for independence.

One thing about the Sister Wives star is that she’s not too shy to share her everyday activities. It takes some courage to share things like stretching and fitness when you carry a bit of excess weight. But raw and authentic, she shares about it anyway. This week, she risked getting some DMs about being weird when she shared about her love of going to the laundromat!

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Goes To The Laundromat

This weekend, the mom of Logan, Maddie, Gabe, Garrison, Hunter, and Savannah may have gotten up early or stayed up late to be the first to use the laundromat. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she told her fans that she really loves doing the laundry. However, there’s a special reason why, and it’s not because of fabric softener.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Laundromat Relax1
Janelle Brown / Instagram Stories

The Sister Wives star said in her caption, “Beating the crowd at the laundromat to get my big comforters washed.” Anyway, she’s busy doing her “spring cleaning” which is why she was there. As she had delayed going there she wondered why. She added, “I find the sound of the machines relaxing.” Next, she asked, “Is this weird?”

Ambient Sounds In The laundry?

The Sister Wives star might not be as weird as she thinks. After all, ambient sounds can be relaxing. Like white noise that helps people sleep, other sounds can be soothing. Each to his own, but who would visit a laundry to enjoy the relaxing drone of washing machines? Clearly, the TLC star might be one of very few folks who do that.

Do you like to go to the laundromat because you find the place relaxing? Do you think that Kody’s former second wife is sometimes a little bit weird? Let us know in the comments below.

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