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Sister Wives: A Cousin Of Christine Brown Slept With His Daughter?

Sister Wives: A Cousin Of Christine Brown Slept With His Daughter?

Sister Wives fans heard that Utah changed the law so the state is not so down on polygamy these days. One thing that is sometimes discussed amongst fans is that those who have many wives might try and keep their bloodline clean by sending their daughters to other relatives to marry. But now it turns out that a Utah court had a scheduling conference for a cousin of Christine Brown who allegedly fathered kids with his own daughter.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Came From A Polygamous Family

Kody’s third wife never really had much chance to date boys like other teens. By the time she was 19, she had been found by Meri and Kody was all about marrying her. 26 years later, she left him and now she’s living her best life in Utah. Seasons 16 and 17 on TLC revealed that polygamy is not the perfect life that it was portrayed to be.

Sister Wives fascinates fans who see that the very large family never seems to have a day go by without something happening. Gwendlyn recently got engaged to Beatriz. Meanwhile, Christine announced her own engagement to David Woolley. Actually, fans really hoped that she would not marry into another polygamous family. With her gone, Janelle and Meri followed. For a bit, there was some speculation that Kody might even consider making one of Robyn’s daughters his wife. But it seems unlikely.,

Sister Wives: Christine Browns Cousin Allegedly Impregnated His Kid

According to KSL, Ross Wesley LeBaron was investigated for allegedly sleeping with his daughter for years. The investigation that started in 2021 covered the years 2011 through 2016. Apparently, the old man, 79 at the time, believed that God wanted him to have intimacy with his own daughter. This week, an update arrived via Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball on Instagram.

Sister Wives A Cousin Of Christine Brown Slept With His Daughter
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

The Sister Wives star, according to Katie Joy, is not an immediate cousin, but is one step removed. Apparently, “Christine’s mom, Annie and Ross are first cousins.” Bear in mind, that these polygamous families in Utah are massive, and many of them are related. However, it is hoped that not all of them are related like the grandchildren that Ross Wesley LeBaron fathered with his own daughter.


Southern Utah News reported that the cousin of the Sister Wives star “fathered multiple children by his own daughter.” Meanwhile, Katie confirmed that the kids were DNA-matched. That seems very conclusive evidence that he romped with her. As she was a teenager when it happened, the assault involved a minor. So he is being charged with “rape and incest.”

Initially, the trial was set for January, but it seems that something delayed it. As the old man is now 80, hopefully, he survives to face the music for his crime.

What do you think of Christine Brown’s cousin sleeping with his own daughter and producing children with her? Shoot us a comment in the section below.

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