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Jill Dillard: A Journey from Jim Bob’s Control To Baring Her Legs

Jill Dillard: A Journey from Jim Bob's Control To Baring Her Legs

TLC fans know that Jill Dillard was not an exception to Jim Bob Duggar’s dress rules for his daughters. Actually, she was quite a devoted child and sibling and always followed the rules until she met and married Derick. Nowadays, she has the freedom to dress how she likes and she recently revealed her bare legs. This is a big deal for the Duggar daughters!

Jill Dillard & Jinger Flout Jim Bob’s Rules

Once a woman in Jim Bob’s family marries, it seems that they then fall under their husband’s rules. Still, it is a known fact that Jim seems less than happy with Jinger Vuolo. The successful author and mom of two girls sometimes wears pants. Actually, a few times, she’s been spotted out and about sporting very short pants. Or, she looks good in ripped jeans. Perhaps she takes her cue from her older sister.

Jill Dillard started breaking the rules when she got a nose ring. In fact, it turned out that Derick gave testimony pre-Josh’s trial and it came out that the Counting On patriarch was furious. Add to that, the fact that she also seemed to be one of the first to wear long pants, and things got tense. Of course, it seems ridiculous to outsiders, but for the Duggar daughters, it’s a big rebellion.

Jill Dillard Bares Her Legs In hair Remover Promo

This week, Derick’s wife took to her Instagram Stories and revealed her bare legs. And, Hell didn’t freeze over. Anyway, it came during a video that she did for an ad to prevent hair from growing back fast. She said that it helps to “smooth” the skin and can be used daily for “painless hair removal.”  Well, one can only imagine that such a sight might have Jim Bob ripping his eyes out.

Jill Dillard A Journey from Jim Bob's Control To Baring Her Legs
Jill Dillard / Instagram Stories

Jill Dillard seems quite brave. Do you know that she became estranged from her mom and dad for a long time? It’s only recently, that she started appearing at family functions like gender reveals. It’s not only JInger who followed her lead with pants, but Joy-Anna is known to wear them, and even Jana has been spotted in them on occasion.,

Derick Doesn’t Force His Wife To Obey Jim Bob

Jill Dillard married a guy who turned out to be a tower of strength to his wife and family. Initially, TLC fans didn’t really take to him. But over the years, he proved his worth as a keeper. He doesn’t force his wife to obey Jim Bob’s rules and as she’s a thinking adult, that only seems right. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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