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Teen Mom: Ryan Edwards Jailed To Save His Life – Mackenzie Reacts

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Silverdale Detention Facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee will be the home of Ryan Edwards for the next 11 months and 29 days. The news arrived after a series of broken probation incidents, harassment of his wife Mackenzie, and overdosing on a public road in a vehicle. Well, she had something to say about his sentencing.

Teen Mom – Ryan Edwards Misbehaved Several Times

Ryan’s addiction struggles created many roadblocks in his relationship with Mackenzie. This year, he repeatedly violated his parole and even ended up under arrest for breaking a protective order. More recently, he was found unresponsive in his car. That required the attention of paramedics who gave him Narcan. Given Ryan’s unfortunate return to hard drug use, many fans think that jail might be the best thing for him.

Mackenzie raises her kids but Ryan seems to bring an enormous amount of hassle to her life. Fed up, the MTV star filed for a divorce, However, she still cares because he’s the dad of their son, Bentley. Actually, for years, she defended her husband, but fans felt she couldn’t see that he often looked high. In fact, in recent times, they grew convinced that he was back on hard drugs, and now that the judge agreed with that, did his wife finally see the light?

Teen Mom: Mackenzie Edwards Wants More Jail Time For Ryan?

This week, The Sun US reported that Makenzie was at the court when the judge sentenced Ryan to jail rather than giving him more probation. According to  the outlet, she said that she hopes “he will get more [jail time],” as there are still “four charges pending.” If you don’t know, his sentence was for being found DUI and needing medical attention.

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards Jailed To Save His Life - Mackenzie Edwards Reacts
Ryan Edwards on Instagram

Teen Mom star, Mckenzie seems to be in agreement with the judge who said that sending Ryan to Silverdale might actually save his life. Clearly, the judge is aware that there are some drugs in prison, so Ryan was warned to steer clear of those people. The outlet cited the judge as saying, “I’m trying to save your life.”  Additionally, the judge knows very well that because of his addiction, Ryan won’t stay in rehab or stick to probation rules.

Jail Time To Keep Ryan Clean?

Teen Mom fans often expressed the wish that someone would hold Ryan to account and send him behind bars. Many people feel that he got off too easily in the past. As he never seemed contrite and avoided rehab, he clearly couldn’t get clean out on the streets. Do you think that jail time will force him to come right with his sobriety? Sound off in the comments below.

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