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Did Counting On Alum Learner Pilot James Fly With A Baby In A Helicopter?

Did Counting On Alum Learner Pilot James Fly With A Baby In A Helicopter?

Counting On fans know that the Duggar family owns aircraft including small helicopters with no doors. Well, James is learning to fly and on the weekend he posted about some flying lessons with his brother Jeremiah. Later, a photo emerged of Hannah Daggar in the same aircraft on the same day with her baby, Brynley Noelle. TLC fans worry about it for a number of reasons.

Counting On: Jeremiah And Hannah Duggar Welcomed Baby Brynley

Jeremiah Duggar and his wife Hannah welcomed their baby girl, Brynley Noelle at Christmas time. Previously, the couple revealed their baby’s gender with a unique helicopter stunt that produced a shower of pink confetti. Recently, they were seen in another helicopter, this time with their three-month-old daughter onboard, Actually, the day coincided with James’ flight lessons. So the timing of the photos made some TLC fans feel concerned.

The Duggar family has quite a few pilots in its ranks, including John David, Josiah, Jeremiah Duggar, and Austin Forsyth. Counting On alum James is the latest member of the family to embark on his journey to become a skilled aviator. On the weekend, James revealed that Jeremiah is helping instruct him in his flight training. But even experienced pilot, John David was involved in a plane crash with his wife and child onboard.

Counting On: Baby Brynley In A Helicopter With No Doors?

When James Duggar posted up about flying a helicopter with his brother as an instructor, fans noticed there were no doors on it. Later, Jeremiah also shared about his wife Hannah, and their baby in the helicopter with him. Of course, James might have finished his lesson and gone home. But fans just don’t know if he might have flown with the baby onboard. In any event, people are concerned about Hannah being in a helicopter with a tiny child with no doors

Did Counting On Alum Learner Pilot James Fly With A Baby In A Helicopter
James Duggar – Jeremiah Duggar – Instagram Stories Via Reddit

After screenshots arrived on Reddit, TLC fans discussed the possibility of danger to little kids in aircraft. Counting On follower u/notmyrealnametn said in the caption on the DuggarsSnark community, “Did Jer let a student (James, A Duggar) fly his wife and child? (He appears to be wearing the same shirt in both stories posted today.”

TLC Fans React

Counting On followers were quick to react, U/TheWalkingDeadBeat wrote, “I wish I had faith in anything as much as these guys have in cheap, second-hand single engine planes and 30 hours of flight training.”

Another follower didn’t think that James flew the baby around. U/Time_Yogurtcloset164 said, To me, I thought he was teaching James and took Hannah and baby on a ride after.”

Meanwhile, Katie Joy of WithoutA Crystal Ball on YouTube seemed genuinely concerned about babies in aircraft. After all, even if James didn’t fly Hammah, the doors don’t close. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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SOURCE:   Reddit

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