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Life After Lockup Spoilers: Moka Blast Makes Statement

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Moka Blast Makes Statement

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Moka Blast is ready to make a statement to fans of the show. Recently, Life After Lockup cast member, Michael Persaud made the announcement that his manager, Moka was in jail for self-defense. It came out that Moka shot and killed a man who intruded into his home. Moka was in the middle of a live interview when a man came into his home. According to the police report, the men got into an altercation and that is when Moka shot and killed him. There are a lot of theories about what happened, but Moka decided that he needed to speak out about the incident.

The Statement From Moka

Moka took to Instagram to make a full statement on the shooting incident. He wrote, “Just want to thank those who prayed and was genuinely concerned for me. I want to extend condolences to everyone who were affected as this was very unfortunate for all parties involved.

Reality television is not my real-life existence and for someone to even joke about me getting assassinated was very classless. With that being said, I just want to say cherish those that you love and let them know exactly how much they mean to you.”

He continued, “When people think they know you and get ratings of a small window of your existence, I still applaud as I want and need to see you win. The outpouring of concern have been overwhelming and I am ready to face whatever consequences come my way.” Moka also stated that he really appreciates bloggers and other media outlets, as well as his fans.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Moka Blast Makes Statement

The Incident

The shooting took place in Las Vegas at Moka’s home. He was there with his girlfriend and from what the police have said, they think that she knew the man in question. As of right now, there are a lot of unanswered questions. As you can see, Moka feels as if there are too many fans making assumptions about his life and the incident. The police report did state that the authorities felt as if this was a homicide.

We will continue to monitor this case to see if Moka will be charged with self-defense or if this will be seen as a homicide. There is still a lot of investigating going on and we hope that the authorities get the answers they need sooner than later. You can see Moka’s full statement on his Instagram account and also you can see Michael’s post about the incident.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Life After Lockup right now. Come back here often for Life After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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