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Moka Blast Gives A Statement As More Emerges About His Dead Attacker

Moka Blast Gives A Statement As More Emerges About His Dead AttackerLove After Lockup fans were shocked to hear that allegedly, Moka Blast a.k.a Lydell Birch shot and killed a man at the house he was in. He is associated with WEtv stars Michael and Justine Persaud. Reality TV and even fictional drama really probably couldn’t replicate what happened in real life to Moka. After the incident went down, Moka was arrested. Now he’s been released, he made a statement. Additionally, some details emerge about the person who died.

Moka Blast Issues A Statement After Fatal Shooting

When Love After Lockup fans heard what went down, it seemed incredible. In fact, he was actually doing a live with Lawd Lukan on YouTube at the time. A lot of noise got the attention of everyone and suddenly, he stood up and shouted before disappearing. Later, Lawd Lukan said he could see what looked like possibly two people walking towards him. Next, the news arrived that a man had died and cops found a body in the backyard.

An update revealed that apparently, the cops established that someone arrived outside, argued with the woman who lived there, and then bashed up cars with a baseball bat. Next, it seemed that he kicked in the door of the house and went after Moka. Anyway, it turned out that it wasn’t fiction. And a person really died after the confrontation. Both fans and the police thought that perhaps the woman knew the deceased. Moka was arrested, and now he’s been released, he gave a statement but didn’t give much away.

The Statement By Moka Blast

The statement came via his Instagram Stories and was shared by influencers. In it, he spoke about those who had reached out and who were “genuinely concerned.”  He also talked about being “ready to face the consequences.” Actually, that might indicate that he remains under suspicion while the investigation continues.

The only way he referred to the person who died was to say, “I want to extend condolence to everyone who were affected as this was very unfortunate for all parties involved.” Probably, he can’t say more under other legal advice. He never mentioned the woman either.

Moka Blast Gives A Statement As More Emerges About His Dead Attacker
Lydell Birch via Kiki and Kibbitz on Instagram

More news about the woman, Moka Blast, and the deceased emerged via mainstream news. According to Amber also shared about that on YouTube. Apparently, the name of the victim was Lendor Coney Jr. Additionally, he and the woman used to date each other. SNBC 13 reported that Lendor, a  graduate of “Palo Verde High School,” worked as campus “security” at the “Ernest A. Becker Sr. Middle School in Las Vegas” until his untimely death.

Who Is The Woman?

Apparently, the woman is aged 43 and the home records show her on them. Starcasm confirmed that she seems to be a divorcee, has a child, and is a teacher.

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