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Love After Lockup: Michael Persaud’s Manager Moka Arrested After Intruder Dies

Love After Lockup: Michael Persaud's Manager Moka Arrested After Intruder Dies

Love After Lockup fans met Michael Persaud and Justine on the show. He was in prison for trafficking heroin and fentanyl. The aspiring rapper, also known as Montana Millz, has a manager named Lydell Birch, a.k.a Moka Blast. Well, he was doing a live interview with Lawd Lukan on YouTube when an intruder arrived. Later, the police arrested Moka after the intruder was found dead.

Love After Lockup: Michael Persaud, Justine, And Moka Blast

People from the WEtv show who get arrested are not uncommon., For example, Monique’s Derek Warner was arrested last month. A witness said it went down when they were at work. later, the news arrived that it might not have been for a new crime. However, he was taken away by the cops. Later, he got out on bail and fans wondered if Monique Robinson came up with the cash.

Love After Lockup stars might often return to their felonious ways, but this time, it’s the manager of Michael who went off in cuffs. If you watched the show recently, you will know that the rapper Michael and Justine clashed with his mom who told Justine that she thinks she’s a bad parent. Additionally, she wanted a DNA test for her baby. But this story isn’t about Michael, it’s about his manager, although Michael is talking about Moka being arrested.

Love After Lockup: Moka And Lawd Lukan Interview Ends Suddenly

Incredibly, when Moka Blast was chatting with Lawd Lukan on YouTube, Moka looked away, jumped, ran, and shouted. It all went down live and you can see the moment when Moka realized someone was in his home. Lawd Lukan waited for him to return. But he never came back. Fans were concerned and one of them, @heatherbeebeachy4808 commented “Lukan! You are definitely going to have to save this live. I think something seriously went down. I hope he is okay.”

Love After Lockup Michael Persaud's Manager Moka Arrested After Intruder Dies
Lawd Lukan On YouTube

Love After Lockup fans revisited the live after Lukan did an update. The update came a day after the interrupted the live that happened on Wednesday. Talking about what happened, Lawd showed how could see someone, but not very clearly. At least, it might help Moka in his case. Actually, there might have been two people.

Update Shows Police Talking About Arrest

Love After Lockup fans heard that the police statement that Lawd Lukan shared seems to indicate self-defense. Responding to a report, the cops discovered a man had shot a person and the body was found out the back. A female who lived there got into an “altercation” with someone outside and that ended up with the deceased grabbing a “baseball bat.”

Cars were smashed before he apparently “kicked in the front door.” Later, the man was found dead of a gunshot wound, and Moka was taken into custody. It seems that the man with the baseball bat had caused Moka to rush to defend himself with a gun. You can watch the update from Lawd Lukan below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the WETV show right now. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

SOURCES: Lawd Lukan On YouTube

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