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Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Viewers Reveal They Want Mike to Leave Elisa

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Viewers Reveal They Want Mike to Leave Elisa

Seeking Brother Husband spoilers reveal that there are viewers who feel that Mike and Elisa aren’t going to work if she takes another man to add to their marriage. It is clear that she is trying to replace him, according to fans, and her comments have really shocked them.

Elisa has already admitted to cheating on Mike and now some fans feel as if she just wants a friend with benefits so she can continue to cheat on him. His mother isn’t very happy with this arrangement either.

Mike’s Mother Is Angered

It didn’t take long for the news to get to Mike’s mother, who completely shuts down this idea of having another husband. They called his mother and wanted to talk to her about dating ther men. Mike’s mom thinks that he has been pushed into this decision by Elisa. Of course, his mom has many concerns and he has even told his mother and Elisa, that he would rather not meet these men or have her bring them home.

From the looks of it, Mike’s fans feel as if he should leave the marriage because it is clear, she doesn’t want him anymore. She is constantly comparing the two of them and how they are way too different. She is trying to find a man more like her, but fans think that she should have thought about this before they got married.

Was Mike Forced Into This Lifestyle?

As fans have watched the first two episodes, they have noticed that Mike doesn’t seem on board with any of this. He looks very uncomfortable when she tells him that she met someone online and that they are going on a date. Fans on Twitter started in on her. One wrote, “Elisa is terrible. She just needs to be honest with herself and Mike and just get a divorce. Be single, life your life. Why drag this poor man along?”

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Viewers Reveal They Want Mike to Leave Elisa

Another viewer wrote, “Lies! All Elisa wants is to get plowed by other men that are not Mike.” One more added, “Mike is not interested in polygamy. He’s just doing what he can to keep his marriage together.” These two have been married for four years and Elisa has said that she has a “really intense connection” with Mike, but she still wants another partner. Viewers will just have to keep an eye on her to see if she can find another man or if Mike will leave her. We hope the best for them as they learn to tackle this lifestyle.

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