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Is There A Reason Why Michelle Duggar Never Mentions Her Many Siblings

Is There A Reason Why Michelle Duggar Never Mentions Her Many SiblingsThe Duggars news and updates tease that there may be a reason why Michelle Duggar doesn’t talk about her family. Perhaps, her family isn’t interested in publicity.

Michelle Duggar never appeared on television with her family, and the reason behind the decision remains unclear. However, it is speculated that her family may not be interested in the publicity associated with reality TV.

The Duggars’ strict religious beliefs and traditional lifestyle drew criticism from many viewers. Plus, they faced public scrutiny over allegations of child abuse and other issues. Michelle’s family most likely doesn’t want to be part of it.

Despite growing up with her siblings in Arkansas, Michelle did not appear to have a close relationship with them. However, it is possible that there is another reason for this. According to sources, Michelle’s older sister Evelyn Ruark is reportedly a lesbian. It could be another reason why her family is staying out of the spotlight.

Michelle’s Lesbian Sister

In 2014, a Daily Mail article alleged that Michelle’s sister, Evelyn, had been in a long-term relationship with her partner Sharon Callahan for several years. The article further claimed that the Duggars’ beliefs had caused tension between the sisters.

The only instance Michelle’s family appeared on TV was in early footage of 19 Kids and Counting attending a get-together with Michelle’s family. Evelyn made a brief appearance, but there was no mention of her partner at all.

Death In Michelle’s Family

Another reason why Michelle’s family isn’t active on the show is that her parents and two sisters have already died. Ethel Ruark died in 1991, while Garrett Ruark passed away in 2010. Meanwhile, her sisters, Kathie and Freda, died in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

Is There A Reason Why Michelle Duggar Never Mentions Her Many Siblings

Fans Blast Joy Forsyth

Some fans think that former Counting On star Joy Forsyth overstepped when she shared a new video on YouTube. The video documented her sister Jinger Vuolo’s trip to Arkansas. However, it also showed footage of her two daughters, Felicity and Evangeline, which some people believe was a violation of their privacy.

Fans were surprised to see the faces of the daughters of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo daughters’ in a recent video uploaded by Joy Forsyth, another member of the family. Jinger and Jeremy have made it a point to not reveal their daughters’ faces on social media, and the inclusion of the girls’ faces in Joy’s video has caused some speculation among fans.

While some believe that Joy may have simply forgotten to edit out those parts of the video, others speculate that she intentionally included them to generate buzz and attract more attention to her YouTube channel.

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