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Return To Amish Shows Touching Moment Between Jeremiah and Dennis After Negative Paternity Test

Return To Amish Shows Touching Moment Between Jeremiah and Dennis After Negative Paternity Test

Return to Amish spoilers, news, and updates tease that Jeremiah and Dennis moved fans as they bond after the negative paternity test.

Jeremiah and Dennis went fishing on the recent episode of Return to Amish. All this time, Jeremiah sees Dennis as a father, but the recent results of the paternity test they took are negative.

When he was brought into the Amish family as a baby, Jeremiah always thought that Dennis was his biological dad. And when the paternity results were negative, Jeremiah couldn’t handle it even though Dennis still wanted to be his dad. He walked out on him because he got overwhelmed with the results.

Touching moment

Jeremiah felt that because of what he did, Dennis might feel indifferent toward him. But it wasn’t the case. Dennis hugged Jeremiah and told him that when he walked out on him, his heart was really broken. He really thought of him as his son even despite the paternity test results.

Dennis has always been a very nice and polite man, according to Jeremiah. This is why he felt bad about what he did. But it was a reasonable reaction because it is a major revelation in his life. And we know that Dennis understood that.

As mentioned, they went fishing and Jeremiah told Dennis that he still thought of him as his dad even though they’re not biologically related. Dennis responded and told him that he couldn’t turn his back on him as well as he still treats him as his own child. Jeremiah was emotional to learn this and said that he is very glad that Dennis didn’t give up on him.

Fans were quick to express how they felt about the episode. It was an emotional moment for both Jeremiah and Dennis. And since this is reality TV, it makes it more emotional as the audience knows how the two really felt. The recent events wouldn’t have been easy for anyone. It is not something that almost everyone goes through in their lives. But fans do hope that Jeremiah is able to move on from learning these things about himself, and having to reconnect with Dennis was a good start.
Traumatic revelations

Return To Amish Shows Touching Moment Between Jeremiah and Dennis After Negative Paternity Test

Jeremiah, apart from recently found out that Dennis wasn’t his biological father, also learned that his mom had an affair with another guy while still married to Dennis. To top it all off, the man that his mother had an affair with was her sister’s husband.

Jeremiah’s mother was Sherry Hiltabidel. Her sister was Sheila Hiltabidel, who was married to Larry. Sheila found out about Sherry and Larry’s affair, then killed her husband. Jeremiah felt like it was his fault that his biological father was killed. And even though that is not really the case, he still took it personally because it is part of who he was.

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